Ohio State compared to Pittman

Ohio State was up 45 - 17 on Nebraska under one minute. They choose to score from the 2 yd line and after the game the Buckeye coach apologizes to Scott Frost. He said he had a freshman QB in the game and “didn’t think he had the personnel in to kneel”. Is that the lamest excuse you ever heard? You can’t tell a major college QB to kneel?

Glad Coach P did the right thing in the Ole Miss game.


Wonder what Frosts response will be when he calls him to apologize as he said he would do.

Nebraska, Texas, Southern Cal, Mississippi and Arkansas. Once proud programs that have disappeared from the best of the 1960’s. Nothing stays the same in life, no matter how much we want it to.

Me, I don’t care about this and don’t believe in running up the score whining.
If I was Frost I certainly wouldn’t be upset because I would sure use it to motivate
my players for next years game.

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