Ohio State Buckeye leads LSU to National Ttle

Joe Burrow, the favorite son in Ohio, leads the Cajuns to a National Championship with a victory over Clemson. Joe will probably be drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals who have the top pick and come back home to play his NFL ball in Ohio. Crazy, but probably true.

Congratulations to Ed Orgeron and his Tigers. We never should have let him go as our assistant strength coach here in Fayetteville.:sunglasses:

I am happy for Coach O . Good person and great recruiter who suffered at Ole Miss and was disappointed when he didn’t get the job at USC when Kiffin was let go but got sweet karma as coach of his dream team (LSU fans wanted to fire him two years ago). I hope Pittman can replicate that success of winning at your dream school as it is a feel good story for sports fans.

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The Burrow family is quite he football family as well. They have represented state of Ohio very well.

It’s hard not to be proud for Coach O and the LSU family especially with the tragedy they experienced a couple of weeks ago.

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They have the worst fans of any place I have ever been, but coach O is great and a class guy. I will always pull for him except when we play them.

The LSU fans were very kind to me last night. Of course it could have been because I was wearing an LSU cap during the game and I was in their suite. I gave the cap away to the taxi driver on the way to the airport. Couldn’t have that in my house, even though my wife’s masters degree is from there.

I’m curious, what fan bases in the SEC would you consider to be good?

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The Auburn fans are the nicest. Hate their programs, but fans are very nice.

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I’ve lived in Tennessee for 21 years now and have attended all but 1 of our games in that timeframe in Knoxville. I’ve found the fans there to be very welcoming and warm. Only one incident from a drunk frat boy. I’ve never been to Auburn but locally here in Chattanooga their fans are nice…unlike many Bama fans.

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I attended the Hogs’ big upset of highly ranked Tennessee in 1992 (?) in Knoxville in my Hog gear. Leaving the game, every single Vols fan I encountered said congratulations on a great game.

I sat next to a Vol fan in Fayetteville in 2011. He was talking about how bad they were, and I told him they looked pretty good. Next play Joe Adam’s does his magic and runs circles around their punt team for a TD. Guy just shakes his head and says “see what I mean”. I had to laugh, because we all know how silly Joe made them look. :rofl:

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