Ohio LB Mani Powell and Memphis DL Patrick Kutas

both got in yesterday for their official football visits and by all accounts are enjoying their official visits.

Of course - as someone pointed out - kids usually do.

They were at Doe’s on Friday night and will be at the Catfish Hole on Saturday night.

They leave on Sunday.

Of course - as someone pointed out - kids usually do.

I have no idea who those kids are or even what sport they play. And I’m sure I’m not the only one.


Mani Powell is a LB and Patrick Kutas is a Lineman per RD’s earlier article this week.

UA…Campus of Champions


I am that way a lot on recruiting post. I am sure those who closely follow recruiting roll their eyes at people like me.

I get it, I don’t need to be told that Mississippi State is in the SEC West or that UGA is in the SEC East, very causal fans probably do. I need to be told (on a recruiting post) what sport and what position, etc. It would be nice just to add “the LB from _____” or “the PF from _____.”

That said, I know the information is out there, (as noted by guynhawaii, there is apparently an article form earlier this week telling us about these guys.) But this time of year, with so many recruits being talked about in many different sports I can’t (don’t take the time or effort?) keep the all straight.

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Amen, I followed on a regular and yet still scratch my head on some kids after there are so many mentioned and brought up. Like you said, specially this time of year.

Well, Mr. Davenport, until your tech guys get Error 502 fixed it’s very difficult for me to read any articles on WHS, recruiting or otherwise. So talk to them.

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