Oh Ye of Little Faith

Wonder how many “Hog Fans” left the game or turned it off on the television after the first quarter? Can’t say that I continued watching because I thought that it would end like it did, but I support my Hogs by watching all of the games to the (what had been as of late, bitter) end. What a final three quarters, especially the ending!!! That along with my first ripe fall tomato with dinner (gosh durn, it was sum gudd!!!) sure brightened my day!

On another subject, look in the score prediction thread at the 8th posting. Not precisely correct in all aspects, but so nearly correct that it’s close enough for me. Great job Georgia Hawg!!

I was close. Gotta admit if not for the Ramirez strip I probably would have bailed. That gave me just enough hope. Never dreamed we would come back from 24 down. Not the way that game was going.

I bailed and you can thank me for the win. I’m putting myself on suspension for the rest of the season, and just maybe, we can win six games and get a bowl as I am a hog jinx.

I never turned it off. I did turn the sound down, but never all the way off.

Goodness, if I could sit through every inning of every home baseball game in 2016, I can endure football this year. I was sure glad to be rewarded for my persistence today.

I shut it down. Wish I hadn’t, but I can’t change it now

I wanted to turn it off…but it was like watching a train wreck…couldn’t stop watching.
The strip and recovery then the touchdown was enough to keep me involved and a smidgen of hope… really did not expect the comeback and when we went down 9 in the 4th I almost bailed… then the scoop and score…

I’m pretty sure if there is someone in the room below me at the hotel they were wondering what was going on above them… haven’t been that excited about a football game in quite some time… Really hoping this is the beginning of something for the remainder of the year!! Go Hogs!!

Business or vacation trip?

I watched the whole thing; always do.

I’ve don’t recall seeing a turn around quite like it. We were worse than bad well into the second quarter. But when things turned our way, you could see a light at the end of the tunnel. We never led on the scoreboard throughout the game…until 0:04 in the fourth quarter.

Bielema has had a tough season and it may be his final season, but I was happy for him that his team pulled it out in dramatic fashion. He has carried himself with dignity in a difficult situation. I respect that.

irunalot, your suspension is lifted! We can’t afford to lose even one soul (guilty or not) because there may be only 5 or 6 of us left on the wagon at the end of the season!

Thanks, I did some penance by going out to the the Ozarks east of Fayetteville and did some hiking. Now I’m soaking my right heel in an ice bucket from the aching bursitis.

I’m with Irunalot!

Couldn’t take it, so the puppy and me went out to trim azaleas and gardenias, walk through the woods. When we got back, a neighbor was here so we visited awhile. When I got back inside we had pulled within 3 I think. I was excited, but scared to watch because I didn’t want to jinx the team.

The dog and I took another walk!

I watched every play. That first half was about as bad as Razorback football has ever been played. Slowly the momentum changed and we pulled out a fun win. Both teams are among the worst in the league, but it was so fun to watch us win an SEC game. I am conflicted with emotion on the state of this once-proud program. I was pissed at Bielema for the job he had done in putting us among the worst teams in the SEC. We looked so inept in the first half. Then I was proud of the kids for not giving up and playing hard . Then I was happy for Coach Bielema who is by all account a good dude. My emotions ran the gamut,and here I am on Sunday afternoon trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

My son and I laugh a lot about that Great Hog In The Sky that determines whether or not we win by seeing what we wear, or if we’re watching, or when and what we eat during the game, or where we sit during the game, or well, ya’ll get it. If we can’t watch the game together, we won’t text or call each other if the Hogs are doing well. Anyway, my wife gave up, but I stuck with them yesterday and am so glad I did! So happy for the team and coaches. They didn’t quit! (I did turn my Razorback cap around just before the scoop and score)…

Okay, “thanks for the win!”, but I’m pretty sure that how the players perform on the field is a far greater determinant (than your being a jinx) as to whether we win or lose. Feel free to reconsider and resume watching. As I’m sure you have seen (from the articles and postings), you sure missed a WONDERFUL second half of the game, and words fail me in describing the feeling at the end and afterwards. I can stand some more of that kind of Hog football. WPS!!!

I’ve gone to work on my farm and do other things

I recorded the game and was grateful for the win

Grateful these players are starting to look like real Razorbacks

Maybe because they were in traditional red and white they were not distracted by the cool threads and played the game

Also let’s not fool ourselves - this program needs to earn back the confidence of the fan base

We have been preached to slot about “being given somthing we never had”


“We are close… really close”

What we end up with is consistent disappointment and recently sub par performance

Jeff Long is quick to pay rookie back for poor concessions performance

Maybe it’s time to repay fans for sub par field performance

Beating a ole miss team that is in total confusion doesn’t make Arkansas - Esply an Arkansas that should have 5 yr coach depth in recruiting and 5th year player and system development to be going punch for ouch and icking out a win over a program that has a rent a coach!

Let’s see how Arkansas does against A MSU with less than half the resources but a coach that can use what he has or against a Mizzou who is the worst program in the SEC

I’ll continue to leave most my HI’s in the white mailing paper and delete the recorded losses only to watch the few wins Arkansas has

Even if Arkansas somehow wins out there is only one team that is a worthy SEC team left and that’s MSU

The rest of the schedule is truly the lower half of the SEC

Arkansas needs to change because what it is doing is like water boarding to fans

You get close enough to breath only to start a wet defeat cloth slapped on your face and water poured down your nose

You can only take so much of that into the lungs until you start thinking a win against costal Carolina looks like a championship not an embarrassment