Oh well so much for LSU being down

QB looks good that’s all it’s ever held them back

When the game started, I thought maybe he’s overhyped, then they had the overturn of the pass/fumble that Miami returned for a TD. As soon as they overturned it, it seemed to wake LSU up, and all the air seemed to go out of Miami.

LSU looks good.

Final score?

#25 LSU 27 #8 Miami 3 at the half

On ABC if you want to see what they look like

One thing about it: momentum can do strange things in a game like this. And always remember that we never truly know how good any team is after the first week. Miami may go on to win the national title, but the Hurricanes may lay an egg for the preseason No. 8 team.

Richt can’t win the big game. Why he got fired at Georgia.

That’s what I’ve thought about our team and some of the other SEC teams I’ve watched this weekend. We catch a couple teams in after they run gauntlets, and we catch a few after they play Bame and before they play a “rival.” I picked us to go 6-6 and a bowl, I like our chances with the way the scheduling works out

Yep, funny thing is, the first five minutes they looked like the better team. Then boom, someone flipped a switch

LSU has better o and d lines. Long season to play out, Qb injury and things change

And remember: Ed Orgeron may decide to start coaching … :smiley:

Very true :lol:

coach O actually does well with DL. LSu is loaded there so maybe he can work his magic and level the playing field…

Looking like every team in the west has a good to great QB…Worm has turned and SEC QB play has cycled back up…Gonna be a tough year for EVERYONE in the west…

Which half was the real LSU or the real Miami?

1st half - LSU 27-3

2nd half - Miami 14-6

LSU, especially defensively, looked great and Miami looked pathetic in the first half.

LSU looked very good defensively and fair offensively in the 2nd half.

I would be much more sold on LSU if the 2nd half score had been reversed. LSU’s defense is outstanding.

Burrow was very composed and had the leadership skills that have been lacking at LSU. However, his stat line was not good: 11 for 24 (46%) for 120 plus yards. Their run game was very good against a defense that is high quality on the Cane’s side and their defense is typical LSU with studs everywhere.

lsu blitzed the heck out of the miami qb. linebacker blitzes, corner blitzes, and safety blitzes. very aggressive on defense. what i saw from their defensive coordinator is what i thought we would see more of from chavis. maybe we saved some for later in the year.

lsu will be tough to beat period. disappointed to be honest, i was hoping they would struggle. watching that butt whooping was discouraging. our offensive line passed blocked ok, but big difference in eastern illinios and what we’ll see in the sec.

LSU’s offense really didn’t do that much. They gained less than 300 total yards. The new QB threw for 140 and hit less than 50 percent of his passes. Miami shot itself in the foot with 11 penalties and two turnovers.