Oh The Irony

I had no idea that Cole Kelly’s misadventure took place at the corner of Wedington and Steamboat Drives. That is just too rich. Wish the Steamboat package had been available in our final two games. Might have made the difference in some of those crucial 3rd and 4th down situations.

I’m with you Eagle, Couldn’t believe it on first reading and had to go again. Just totally awesome!

Interesting thing about that is he apparently called an Uber for himself, his girlfriend and four friends.

The Uber driver said he could only take 5 passengers and that Cole and his girlfriend would have to take another one…

He chose to drive home instead and the rest is history.

Source: The Uber driver, who felt really bad about reading of the arrest later.

As I told him, Cole should still have waited on the next Uber

That is interesting! I am sure Uber has rules, but haven’t they ever heard of sitting on laps! I think we got about 10 kids in a corvette when I was in college! :smiley: