Oh Richard

KNWA should be ashamed.

I just saw Otis on the Pig Trail Nation segment of the news. Goodness.

He joined Hogville a few days ago and is now their Recruiting guy . . . I think the two things go hand in hand . . .

When I started following recruiting over 30 years ago, Otis was the only person in Arkansas who published a news letter of the high school players we were involved in recruiting for the Razorbacks. He is (or was) as knowledgeable as anyone I have ever listened to when it comes to recruiting.

Recruiting is the lifeblood of any athletic program. If you can recruit well, your program will likely prosper. When I could not get the news from Otis’ news letter, I was purchasing news papers from as far away as Tulsa and attempting to pick up recruiting info from radio stations from Oklahoma and Texas. For the first time in my life I had gotten involved in something special, and I loved it.

I am 75 years young now and the fire lit within me 40 years ago is still burning as bright as ever, and I am thankful. I am also thankful to Otis for helping to nourish that flame for all these years.

Otis will be fine on KNWA. And Otis will always be special to me.

I stop following Otis about 10 years ago. Sure he works hard at his job , but his knowledge of NCAA rules covering recruiting is average at the best.

When Otis starting losing his temper and going off on readers who disagreed with him, well I found it to much for me.

All I know is that I will be sure to watch the sports and Pig Trail Nation as recorded … and with the fast forward button at the ready. And I was one of those who Otis berated. I’ve long since forgotten why, but it was uncalled for and helped form my opinion.

Yes, they replaced Richard to try to find someone who would drive traffic to Hogville. It won’t work on me.

Odis and Spontaneous Combustion have a lot in common…

The good: Otis did a good job with his old news letter many, many years ago. Also, he answered my questions a couple times when I telephoned him. I don’t think there was anyone else close to as knowledgeable on recruiting information at that time.

The bad: As far as I know, Otis did not refund for existing subscriptions to his news letter when he terminated it. At least in my case, he didn’t refund for the several months remaining on my subscription.

I haven’t spoken or heard from Otis in many years.

From what I remember, he told people exactly what he thought. He didn’t toe the company line…I respected him for that.

I didn’t think I’d ever join hogville, but I might check it out.