Oh my Layden


One thing that stands out about Layden as a point guard is how explosive he is at the rim. There aren’t many PG out there that can attack the rim like that.

Seeing a little Ja Morant in his game?


Spectacular. A little Layden Lightening.
Leaving twisted ankles behind.


He is going to bring Bud Walton down many times!!!


Love that he did that to the highly overrated Bronny James! I do see a little Ja there. Man, oh man!


Layden just has “IT”. I’m not sure exactly what “IT” is, but clearly Blocker has it.

I said last year that Blocker was our most important 2023 recruit. I still believe that. I think his early commit will bring other super talent with him. Hopefully we see that soon. C’mon Fall and Holland, jump on the Muss Buss.


Which one is Bronny - hard to tell in video?

He’s the one with Layden’s n$%z in his grill. Coming soon to a poster near you.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


LOL…thanks Jeremy!!!

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The top PG in the class of ‘23. Don’t care what anyone else says. How he’s not a 5-star rated player is beyond me.


Yeah, just like Lee Mayberry.

Lee was great, but he didn’t have Layden’s springs.

He’s on the edge because of his size and developing facilitation and shooting ability. He’s progressing fastly on the skills, so I think he can get there, but I don’t think he’ll rise much more than the 20’s due to his size.

And Layden is an even better kid. Has a younger brother who is a player too.

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The size/explosiveness combination reminds me of Joe Jackson that we recruited out of Memphis (and ultimately went to Memphis).

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Better than Jackson

I hope so, but Jackson was pretty good. Good enough to be the POY in their conference.

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