Oh. My. Gawd

My heart cannot take this. We better blow Baylor out like Kansas did.


maybe a miracle will happen and Baylor tests positive for COVID and we get to advance…a man can dream can’t he?

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I want the Hogs to beat them fair and square. As an earlier poster surmised, we are due for a good complete game. Just hope that we are not too drained after tonight.

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I wouldn’t bet against that. This guy sure has brought luck to Arkansas on top of everything he has brought in.

Things just fall into place for us in the second half over and over again. Since Alabama rolled us, Arkansas has not lost the second half except against LSU at SECT.


I hate to say. I just can’t see it. But I certainly hope I’m wrong. As of now and even if we lose. I’m on cloud 8.

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We are due a complete game buzzer to buzzer, what better game than the next game to have one.

I’d settle for just not falling behind by double digits and shooting somewhere north of 45%.

Bayluh only scored 62 today. I like our chances if we can keep them in the low 60s.


It would be nice to make some theee point shots for a change.

If I were neutral & asked to pick the winner, I’d say Baylor has 60% or maybe a bit more of winning the game. However, if we win it wont’ be the biggest upset of the tournament by any means. We’re capable of winning if we play one of our better games. Doesn’t even have to be our best game. Just play up to our capabilities—and better than we played tonight.

As much as I’d love to get to the FF, I never dreamed we’d get to the elite 8 this year. Back in Jan I thought we might make the tourney as an 8 or 9 seed, but wasn’t even certain of that. This has been a wonderful year & a great one to build & recruit off of.


I could not watch the last ORU possession. I sat on my back patio and waited for Mary to tell me what happened. Bless her heart…she literally ran to the door and shouted “they won!” (I haven’t been able to indoctrinate her thoroughly enough to call us “we”…).

I think I’ll be able to hang in there the whole game v. Baylor…because no matter what happens now, its been an awesome year in every way.

That said…I’ll start getting greedy and wait the Final Four sometime Monday I am sure.

I thought losing Jones + Joe + Whitt, this was an NIT team.

And I would’ve been OK with that.

Happy to be wrong.

Muss, IMO, is a year ahead of schedule.

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Muss took a bunch of talented kids and molded them into an excellent college basketball team. The kids did it but they would not be in the Elite Eight without the coaching of Muss and his staff. I am so happy that we have had such a wonderful year. For a team that was picked to finish sixth in the SEC, it is so wonderful to be in the Elite Eight.

Muss and his team will always have a place in Razorback basketball history. None of the national pundits predicted that we would be a top 10 team and continued to dismiss us as a legitimate top 10 team. We showed them. WPS.

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