Oh Joy it's game day

So much to look forward to. I can’t even muster much enthusiasm for my game day spread. Maybe a bag of Kroger brand tortilla chips and some of that guacamole flavored processed dip. Yeah that chased down with some generic cola sounds about right for today. :frowning:

Actually, I’m looking forward to seeing what Cole Kelly can do. Just watch. I think he’s going to do something today. I think he’ll get the run game going little bit. I have a funny feeling about this game.

I have a feeling as well! Just hope Cole is still alive afterwards.

I have a feeling they will turn him into crimson Cole slaw.

I get it.

But those kids are going to go down to Tuscaloosa and play their heart out against the best team in the country - secured by last night’s Clemson loss.

Deserved to at least be watched for awhile.

Through good and bad, a die hard fan stays true to to their team. Watching tonight to see them give their all wearing the Hog uniform. Want to see Kelly get the reps that will help for next year. Looking for Curl to continue to gather valuable experience game in and game out. Looking at Harris’ development at linebacker pairing with Greenlaw as they become a solid duo where we have been weak.

Lot of things to look for even in a game where there is more doom and gloom than hope, but you never give up


Well so much for that. Looks like I invested too much in my spread. Some of that canned bean dip that smells like dog food and some saltines would have been a more appropriate choice for this game. As for our heart, it sure didn’t take long to play it out. In fact, I’m not sure that heart ever left the locker room after halftime in Columbia, Mo last November.