Oh gosh how I miss

debating the OC and who the starting QB, RB, WR, OL should be, why we ran that play or went for it on 4th down or didn’t. Made and/or missed FG. Spectacular catches or drops and same with runs and great blocks, missed blocks.
Sack by the DL or Blitzing LB and/or how we got burned or got the INT. Blocked a punt, ran a return back on and on.
Penalties that helped or hurt on a drive-ours and the opponents.
Be so happy when this world gets back to that.


I hear ya brother! The stinking virus is all you hear about everyday.

I agree guys. I’m tired of discussing the virus and all the other mess on the board. Someday…hopefully soon we can do it again.

I wouldn’t even mind discussing the garbage that usually comes out of the SEC Media days.


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