Oh good grief (3rd paid assistant)

Sounds like a Big Ten kind of thing, at a guess.

Or little 12, they nearly all voted against it. SMH

These are the members of the Division I Council. http://web1.ncaa.org/committees/committees_roster.jsp?CommitteeName=1COUNCIL

It is pretty easy to whittle down to who might be trying to block the vote, assuming Kendall is being given good information on the topic.

It’s pretty sorry for any program to vote against the 3rd assistant. It wouldn’t be required to hire the 3rd assistant if you don’t want too!

I see no sec representative on that committee. Why can’t the university just pay someone and give him some sort of title and say screw you people.

My mistake. I see one sec person. On Rogers twitter page the people he listed I don’t believe I saw an sec person.

The fact this was shot down by votes from those knuckleheads in Big 10 and Little 12 is beyond astonishing to me! There is no reason that it shouldn’t get done and a 3rd assistant voted in to be paid!