Oh God!! Beth Mowins calling the MNF game!!

Where’s the mute button?

Just because she is a woman, I take it? This isn’t 1948 anymore, you know. But whatever. Hope you don’t have daughters.

How did you go where you did from what he said?

What do you think is the reason?

She’s been fine, in my book. I think Rex Ryan has been pretty boring for as gregarious as he generally seems.

I don’t like the 2 of them at all. And it’s has nothing to do with her being a woman. I have 3 daughters and 2 sons. She is better than he is. Reminds me of listening to Bill Walton or Wally Z. Doing a basketball game. And I literally hate Bill Walton. Dry monotone west coast jerk.
But hold on in 2017 ask her if she prefers to be called a man or a woman.
Make reference to its not 1948 anymore.
Well this is the way it works in 2017.

Hawgjabend calling me out as a sexist???
I have 2 daughters and am a firm supporter of equal rights and equal pay. I simply don’t like her voice. Don’t jump to conclusion based on your illogical assumptions!

This thread was entirely predictable. In fact I think I did predict it months ago as soon as word came out that Beth would be calling last night’s game. I thought Beth did a really good job and my brother, who is as sexist as they come, actually agreed. I also think some people have gotten used to a male voice in play by play and if they don’t have it they don’t feel comfortable.

I agree with the comments that Rex Ryan was the weak link on that broadcast but it was his first game so I understand some growing pains. Didn’t get to see Tony Romo’s first game so I don’t know if he had any similar problems

I am glad you explained yourself. With your one line post, percentages were with the conclusion he made.

I just dont like her as an announcer. I didn’t like Rex Ryan either. Of the two, I liked Rex far less than her.

There are a few others that get on my nerves too. I don’t know names. The only reason I know her is because of her sex. Most of the others just blend together into “announcers”

I realize in today’s society you cannot have an opinion without being a *.ist and I have accepted that.

Her voice annoys me. And I happen to be a big fan of the female gender, just not this one.

I feel for Beth. She’s a pro. Well prepared and technically good at what she does. The problem is not that she is a woman or has a feminine voice. The problem is that her voice grates. It hits sour notes that make dogs cry. Sharon Smith was one of my favorite sportscasters of all time. Of any gender.Her voice soothed me. I loved listening to her. I wanted to marry her. Beth’s voice makes me long for my ex wife’s voice. No other voice is capable of doing that.

My wife and I watched the first quarter of the game last night. When Beth Mowins began talking, my wife said, “Oh no! It’s her!” Ashley wasn’t a fan based on the Arkansas-Louisiana Tech game last year, so it isn’t just men who get disgruntled with her calling games.

I don’t mind female announcers (I think Doris Burke does great work on basketball telecasts), but I don’t think Beth Mowins will ever stick in a high-profile play-by-play role.

I think that Beth Mowins does a very good job on the play-by-play. I think that her accent (such as it is) is what annoys people.

That said, I thought that she carried last night’s broadcast. It can’t be easy doing both play-by-play AND commentary.

What a crazy conclusion. Beth just has an annoying voice for many (including me). She is a fine play by play person. I’ve hired and promoted many, many women into jobs historically taken by men. I also hav e 2 daughters that I adore and have supported in their careers in jobs that were historically filled by men. So don’t tell me I’m prejudiced because she is a woman. There are dozens of men play by play and color people that annoy me too.

Glad that women are breaking into this field. Her voice is just annoying. Sorry…

There is something painful about her vocalization. It is the reverse of a man talking continuously in a loud, falsetto, artificial, tone of voice. I think she is trying too hard to sound like a man and it comes off agonizingly artificial. The best I ever heard was Pat Sumerall and it was because he was relaxed, calm, clear, but subdued. He described the action without competing with it for attention. Mowins is almost screaming in a low tone that is anything but relaxed. It is not the words or the fact that she is a woman, she is just hard to listen to. I am not being sexist. Robin Roberts from ABC’s Good Morning America is the best example of a woman commentator who could do very well calling football. JMVVVVVHO.

Tony was great. A natural.


Tony’s personality and knowledge of the game really came through that telecast. It’ll be really interesting to listen to him call a Cowboys game this year given his knowledge of the team, system, etc.

Agreed on T Romo. Really enjoyed his insight and knowledge.