Oh Beth I hear you Mowin

I agree. It’s so annoying to me.


I guess I don’t get it. Her voice is annoying bc why? She’s a woman? I’m annoyed by a lot of the over-the-top radio voicy, male PBP announcers and/or the ones that yell at the slightest play (fake enthusiasm). I mean I love Big Joe, but how is his voice any more or less annoying?

Even more annoying to me is when they decide on a narrative (Sharife Cooper/Cade Cunningham/Calipari/supposedly witty catchphrases.

The whining about female announcers every time they call a men’s game just seems like sexism right me.

Rather than say a woman’s voice is annoying—I would rather people just be honest and call it what it is—they just don’t like women calling men’s games because historically they never have and a lot of men don’t think women know the game well enough to call it, even if it’s just PBP.

Arkansas had a male PBP guy for ESPN non conference games for years (the one before Brett Dolan) whose voice was annoying as could be and who soiled himself every time the other team made a play and I rarely if ever say anyone complaining about his voice or what he said,

I’ve seen the people on here rip Doris Burke and everything I’ve seen from
NBA people is that she knows the game extremely well, is remarkably prepared and does a great job.

Seems like a very clear and odd double standard to me.


I couldn’t have said it better!
I thought it was an odd post considering Joe Kleine was her counterpart.
He’s not good at all and his monotone voice and “uhhhhhhs” are very distracting!
Decided to get away from him and turn to the TN v KS game.
That was even worse! Dick Vitale!

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I find a good number of male announcers voice annoying too. Dick Vitale, Marv Albert, Bill Walton to name 3. And Beth is the only female announcer whose voice annoys me. To accuse someone you don’t know of being sexist is laughable. My two daughters and the many, many females I hired, promoted and worked closely with could write a book on my support of women.


I’m not calling you sexist, personally. And, I’m not saying you consciously dislike her voice because she’s a woman. And, for that matter, did you start the thread?

I just think, in general, the consistent whining that I see here, and all over the place, regarding female announcers anytime they work a men’s game is, overall, mostly sexist,

I never see threads about make announcers’ voices being annoying. I see people complain about Vitale’s and Walton’s antics, but I can’t recall seeing threads devoted to how annoying their voices are, much less condescending ones about how the poster is sure they’re great people and work work and prepare and all BUT…

Yet, without fail, anytime I see a National men’s game broadcasted by a woman, I see threads about how “annoying” the woman’s voice is.

I would think that being a father to daughters, that would be the thing you think is laughable.

Just an observation. Nothing personal. I’m not calling you annoying or anything.

I tried to find threads devoted to the male announcers’ voices being annoying but didn’t see any.

I saw some about Vitale/Walton/Dykes/Kleine’s actual voices being annoying but didn’t see much.

I saw people saying they were annoying—but not their actual voices which, for the most part, people have little control over.

And, I definitely didn’t see any lI can’t stand that male announcer” titles threads or any thread titles wirh plays on their names/voices.

It is not because she is a woman calling a men’s game. I promise you it is not. Her voice would not go down any easier if she were calling a women’s game. She is the Boise blue field of broadcasting. She has a voice for print. I will not be shamed out of my opinion. The woman is not easy on the ears. At least not my ears.


Fess up. Y’all don’t like her because she’s a woman. At least be man enough to admit it.

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Nope. There are too many BROAD casters that I do like for that shallow argument to hold water. It’s all about the voice. There is no better voice male or female than Sharon Smith. She could do a shuffleboard game and make me like it. Why that woman never ascended to a high profile major network star, I’ll never know.FYI the BROAD caster remark was just to rattle the snowflake out of anyone trying to make the " you just don’t like women" argument.


In today’s world, if you question anyone that’s not a white male, you are predudiced.


I’m the one who can’t stand Doris Burke. She talks in monotone, boring phrases. There is probably value in what she says but her style (or lack of it) puts me to sleep. I am not entertained enough to enjoy it. Doris herself has said her style is not for everyone. Producers have critiqued her and asked for more flair. It’s clearly missing.

She knows the sport and the players and coaches embrace that. She does not make errors.

If the play is fantastic, I can get past her low key way of talking. She is impressed when a shooter “elevates” on a jump shot. I believe that comes from playing the woman’s game and none could elevate.

I am luke warm on Mowins. She is neither bad but she is hardly good.

She gets the facts right and stays out of the way of the analyst. There is never any chemistry with the analyst because she does not have that gift.

She is not going anywhere. She will do the level of games she is getting now. She is not going up but she is not going to lose her job.

I asked the two people in the room yesterday if they liked her as an announcer. They both responded that she is average, not a top talent. Neither knew her name and had not heard of her.

If you like Mowins, good. If you like Burke, good.

But I don’t mind a female doing sports. Jessica Mendoza is fantastic. Has ability as a broadcaster, gifted in her knowledge and magical personality. Burke and Mowins are not comparable to Mendoza in most of those simple areas.


So what you sre saying Clay, is that both Mowins and Burke fall below the Mendoza line?

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Gonna mute the women’s game today. I love Mattt Zimmerman. Great guy. Great Razorback. But, his voice is soooo annoying.

Matt’s not my hat!!!

Now, that I think about it, Dolan’s voice is pretty nasally and annoying, too! I’m not Rollin With Dolan!!

I hear you. I love Matt as a person and great Razorback. However I don’t need someone with just as much or more emotional involvement in the outcome as me, describing what I am also seeing. This sound off thing is really growing on me. My lying eyes are now my favorite broadcasters.

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You gotta admit “I’m not Rollin With Dolan” is good stuff.

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In all seriousness, Mowins has been an absolute trail blazer in the industry. She is one of the few women to call college football games. And, she was the first woman to call an NFL game (MNF) in 30 years.

I’m fine if she’s not done people’s cup of tea. I’m somewhat lukewarm on her and I also think Mendoza, by comparison, is better in baseball and softball (apples and oranges I think because Mendoza Is more of a color commentator and Mowins is PBP.

All that said, the issue I have is not that people aren’t huge fans. The issue I have is the condescending nature of a lot of the comments and the fact many of the gripes relate to issues that she and others have little control over (the sound of their voices) when there are TONS of male announcers with grating voices and you never hear a word about it.

Anyway, no big deal. Something to make you think. In general a lot of it is unfair criticism.

Mowins has clearly impressed some very smart, high-level execs. Same for Burke and Mendoza. They have tall tasks and they mostly do a really good job.

Dolan, though? Fingernails on a chalkboard. But he’s a huge upgrade over the last guy.

OK, I’ll play the game. Now there are plenty of male announcers who I don’t like for a variety of reasons. However, I can’t think of one who’s voice punishes my ears in the same way that Beth’s does. Now you may say that this is a superficial criticism. In many fields it would be. In broadcasting however, voice is huge. Now name one male broadcaster who’s voice you find as grating as I find Beth’s.

I was told by a psychologist once to never assign a motive as to why someone does something. I’d say the same here. Maybe the poster simply doesn’t like that announcer’s voice and maybe you’re simply looking for sexism where it doesn’t exist.


A people/medium will NEVER know their worth, value etc… to a listening crowd without feedback. . . And when a response is given in this free, open-opinion market we ALL live in I think it’s equally unfair and biased to judge WHY you think a voice chose the way they did or didn’t. If I personally like or dislike a voice/team/place/whatever I have a right and freedom to pick sides without fear of fall-back. I suppose I should stop now b/c any response to matters like this can invoke a fine-line of being temp banned.

For the record, I have no issue with the turn this thread has taken. I think it has, for the most part, been good healthy debate.