O'Grady's Catch, Er Drop in the End Zone

I watched the Tulsa game from the confines of our living room…having a near flawless view from our Samsung.

That said, the purpose of this message is to inquire if anyone had a better view of the pass that was thrown to O’Grady early in the third quarter? I’ve watched many replays, but only via the views from the game on the SEC Network. The replays I saw clearly did not show a completed “catch” as the cameras were to O’Grady’s backside. On the other hand, the replays never showed the ball touching the ground.

I’m still unclear as to why the play was called incomplete when the side judge, who should have had a view into the ball, was about to call the play a TD when overruled by the back judge (who may only have had my view).

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has a different take or heard of alternate views into the play?

Great question. I saw nothing to indicate it was not a catch.

Whatever the call on the field was would have stood.

He sure thought he caught it

This is the only picture we had of it. It is definitely not in his possession at this point, but that isn’t to say he might not have gotten his arms underneath the ball before he went to the ground. I never saw a definitive look.

The striped shirt was looking directly at it from less than ten feet and immediately signaled incomplete. My take was either ball hit ground or he slid out of bounds while juggling the ball. Replays in stadium didn’t show a good view.

I’ll have to re-watch, but I thought the Side Judge signaled incomplete. Are you saying he had started to signal a TD at first?

I was in a suite just above the north end zone on the east side. The ball clearly went through his arms and hit the ground before he wrapped it up. There was a referee right there. None of the angles showed on TV what we saw. None of us thought it was a catch and weren’t surprised when it wasn’t overturned.

The one TV replay from behind the play showed an image hitting the ground. Couldn’t tell if it was the ball or his elbow though. Assumed the ref on the side there saw it as the ball hitting the ground.
Outstanding job by OGrady to stretch out for it at full speed & pretty good throw by CK.