O'Grady play may be a turning point

Don’t underestimate the magnitude of that effort. It’s contagious. You saw the sidelines and the defense respond to it immediately afterward.

Yes, Starkel certainly had the sparkle. Especially in the 1st and 4th quarters. He had some mistakes that he will improve on with more reps. And some drops too. As he said afterward, we left some points out there. The freshman receivers bring great hope and showed up big today. Excited to see what they can continue to do as they develop more timing with Nick. Amazing how the threat and success of throwing downfield makes the running game and the offensive line better.

The defense has room to improve, but stepped up at the end. Corrections will be made and we will continue to develop on that side of the ball. There were some freshman DE’s getting some meaningful snaps today,

But the game was still in doubt in the 4th and thoughts of another collapse had likely entered the mind of at least a few of us. Then O’Grady shook off five tacklers. Even though they might have been going for the strip, it’s still the kind of effort that showed that this team isn’t throwing in the towel this year with the game on the line. You could see it in the faces on the sidelines after that play. And on the ensuing series. There was belief. And leadership. It wasn’t happening again.

Hopefully that momentum carries over into practice this week. There are mistakes to correct and improvement to be made. But I see hope. I see a QB. A leader. And a team that is ready to take a step forward.

There is finally a September night game on the schedule in Fayetteville next weekend and a chance to have a great crowd and continue to build the confidence and momentum moving forward.

I know it was Colorado State and one win and I’m certainly not saying to start making bowl plans. But it was a much needed finish. And closing it out the way we did was just what the doctor ordered.

Chad Morris was dancing afterward. I am dancing. I am happy on a football Saturday night. There is hope.


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