Oft asked question answered tonight...

Does trapping defense ever work?

Well tonight it sure did! And it did against a pretty good team of late.

One thing that did happen tonight is the officials allowed us to play defense. That has not always been the case this year.

Press is a good equalizer against teams that are taller and more talented. It worked against AL because they did not have a quick all-American guard like Evans of OKST to drive and break us down. When it doesn’t work, MA should recognize that and drop to zone/match-up or whatever.


We need to be able to adapt.
There are some teams where we have an advantage in pressing.
There have been other teams where we are committing suicide doing it.

There is no doubt that skilled guards have broken our traps badly. I also contend that skilled ball handlers have been bailed out against our press/traps many times by officials rather than by their ball handling and court awareness. Last night the officials let us play defense.

IMHO it is officiating more so than other factors that have made Mike’s press/traps seem ineffective. That said, I agree that Mike needs to call off the dogs if the officials wont let them bite.