Officiating question?

In light of how bad the refs were tonight, it raised another question in my mind while watching the Ole Miss vs Texas Tech game.

A play can be reviewed after the fact to determine if a targeting penalty was not called, but should have been. Why is this not the case for other personal fouls? There was a terribly missed face mask penalty against Texas Tech that wasn’t called. If you can review for targeting, why not for a face mask? Or for a punch thrown as what happened before Bryce Stephens’ unsportsmanlike conduct penalty?

It seems the targeting rule has been so focused on that they’ve forgotten others can be just as harsh.

The dude that sucker punched Stephens, should have been ejected. Sorry refs were standing right there and did nothing. Par for the course during this game.


Funny. Just found this when looking to see who officials were for our game tonight.

Matthew Richard’s from PAC-12 was our head referee.

Apparently, he was suspended one game in 2019 for calling a penalty on the wrong team that led to a 57-yard flip in field position. Whoops!


So he is a Marc Curles clone.
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They really, really want to get head to head contact out of the game, even if they have to catch it after the fact. Which I agree with in principle (college players get CTE too), but they’ve gone too far with it at the college level. NFL doesn’t do it nearly as much, although I recall somebody getting tossed last week for a head shot

Derwin James got ejected and he’ll get fined, too. Watch his hit and compare it to what McAdoo was ejected for doing.

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Yeah that was the one I was thinking of.

McAdoo went shoulder to shoulder and his head hit the ball. But that P-12 clown can’t tell the difference.

Wasn’t McAdoo the guy who absolutely flattened a receiver in the first half with a perfectly legal shoulder to shoulder hit? And this from a guy who until weeks ago was an offensive player? Fast learner.

I understand the on-field call can be wrong based on the view of the ref, the speed of the game and of course incompetence.
It’s the review that takes seemingly forever with multiple angles is slow motion that is still obviously wrong that is unacceptable. If that can’t be fixed, then really why even go through the motions.

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Yep. I was worried he was gonna get called for taunting after that one.

He was lucky he didn’t get called.


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