Officiating last night

I know the broadcast crew mentioned this in the first half last night, but with fewer fouls called for much of the game, the flow and pace was better, even with the offenses not being brilliant. Can’t say whether the play was cleaner or just less picky officials, but I feel the officiating was pretty balanced and the game never got away from the officials.

Not sure this approach would always fit our team, but in general I enjoyed a game with the whistle not dictating the game.

We’ve shot more free throws than any team in the country.

Maybe the officials don’t dislike us as much as our fans think.

Without looking it up, I’d guess Muss’s teams have about 1/2 the number of fouls called on MA’s teams.

Muss probably calls fouls in practice whereas MA didn’t.
You play like you practice.

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I thought the game really was slow. Our pace was terrible because they picked us up trapping at 1-3-1 at mid court and we walked it up to that nearly every possession. It was awful.
Wasn’t a lot going on once we broke it. We stood high out top for a while each possession the drove or shot. I know we linger in the thought that low scoring means defense and it was, partially,
mainly theirs by slowing the game down.

Refs didn’t really give a rip about this one. They did miss a easy one on JD’s buzzer 3, should have been a 4 point play. We did have more active hands but I saw both teams brick a ton of open looks, and layups.

If we had made layups and open looks we would have shot probably in the 60s in percentage and probably won by 15 +. We really had a good FG % anyway but…

The main thing that happened last night we won the game.

I thought JD got fouled on that one too Gas…

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