Officiating in games with Blue Bloods

I see more and more horrible calls like tonight Vermont at Kansas. Vermont takes a turn around baseline jumper and the red calls an offensive foul! The announcers were even surprised. The game was tight until the refs truly took any fire out of the visitors. Duke and Kentucky games are called the same way. It’s no different in football where Bama get by with everything and the calls go their way. There’s no level playing on the field or court and especially in recruiting.

add north carolina to that mix. just like i think alabama is protected in football.

I don’t necessarily buy into the argument that ranked or privileged blue blood teams get the benefit of the calls during the season. In playoff or tournament games, you better believe it happens.

My problem with basketball officiating(I feel I can say this with legitimacy since I’ve reffed basketball countless times), and I’ve stated it many times, is that unlike football, soccer, or volleyball, basketball calls are too subjective to the official making the call. There are obvious calls of course, but I truly dislike with a passion the freedom of movement/handchecking rules because one ref(based on their position) will call that rule one way, while another will call it another. No objectivity. This happened to us against Texas. The ref positioned at half court when we were on defense called us for handchecking a lot, where the ref that had the half court position when Texas was on defense rarely called it at all, though they were doing it worse than we were. That’s why its hard for teams a lot of times to understand what officials are calling and to adjust because there is no consistency.

Plus, officials also will come into games with preconceived notions of calls they’ll make based on the teams playing. If you have a reputation for making certain fouls, then officials will look for those fouls harder than others. It’s not fair, but it happens.

Preconceived. I wonder, in your opinion, since we have a history of fouling a lot, if officials come into our games w preconceived notions and that works against us?

Nobody in the Big 12 feels like they get a fair shake in Lawrence, even by road standards. It’s not just fans either. I’ve heard former players and coaches make snarky remarks about the calls that the Jayhawks get at home.

Also, with all the money in college basketball I think it is highly likely that occasionally outright corruption leaks into officiating beyond homecourt intimidation and ref bias about style of play and whom they believe is the better team.

I wouldn’t be able to say with any certainty, but I’ve been in officials meetings where tendancies are discussed. I preface that saying, I’ve never officiated any basketball game higher than high school, but I know the same thing happens in upper level officiating as well. Does it work against us? I think it does in some games, again, it depends on the officiating crew.

If you think calls in soccer are not subjective, watch a full game of MLS or Premier League or any international game. The fouls, the whistle at the end of the game are subjective a majority of the time. And at times offside call and whether the ball went over the goal line will become subjective.

Ok, I maybe wrong on soccer then.