Officiating for Florida and no Replay

Hard to watch the Florida - Auburn game. Clearly, extremely clearly, the Auburn batter was hit by a pitch on his elbow. But, a no call ensued…(and an inning killer), and now, a pitch right down broadway and knee high to a Florida batter is called a ball, right before the batter doubles. Why replay is not available, I don’t understand.

Sadly, I guess this has been the case my whole life. (Officiating, er bad officiating, has always been an integral part of the game.)

Tied at 1-1 in the sixth. Auburn LF missed a cutoff man, allowing the Wallets to take the lead; Aubie got a solo homer to tie it. Bats are under control on both sides so far.

I don’t really care who wins this regional. I guess it might be marginally better for our prospects if Auburn advances, but at some point Casey Mize is going to look like the #1 draft pick and I just hope it’s not against us.

It really shouldn’t matter but I would rather face Florida and Kowar than Mize or Burns
In Omaha.

Bring all of them on. It’s our time.