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SEC needs to hire those zebras. Missed a few calls, but overall they called a good game. Don’t think my opinion is overly influenced by the outcome. They missed a targeting hit against KJ early in 3rd Q, a big hold by PS on a pass play (3Q?), and a few more. I’m sure they missed some on the Hogs, too, but I don’t look for those.


Much better job by officials than we normally get. Sure they missed some, but they were close and that is going to happen. for the most part, did not know they were out there and that is the sign of a good job.

One big play I wondered about was on the Hogs (3rd ?) TD, it seemed like half the team jumped and ran all over the place, but nothing but a TD was called. Did I see that wrong? I know PSU sure thought it was IP.


Concur for the most part but the head linesman gave us a couple of really bad spots


One of the backs jumped before the handoff.

I was glad when I heard before the game that it was a Big 12 crew. The B12 crew that called our game with Texas this year was head and shoulders above anything we ever see in the SEC and this crew today did a good job overall as well. Maybe SEC needs to raid their rop officiating crews like they did their best programs.


There was a sequence in the second half that Utsey got held about four straight plays. Nothing called. Largely they let them play which is good for us.

Yeah they were decent. Major points deducted for the amount of time they took on the review of that first half fumble though.

Announcers never mentioned this, but I think they were likely also reviewing whether or not it was a completed catch (made a Football move before the ball came loose).

Good crew. The ref did not start the clock right twice. I know that because - in a strange seating chart - I sat directly next to the clock operator.

I don’t recall a single pass interference penalty against either team. There may have been, just don’t remember it. My pet isn’t so much what they call, it is what they don’t call. You can call offensive holding on almost every play. You can call defensive pass interference just about the same frequency. Determining whether a wide out is in the backfield on on the line is often a matter of fractions of an inch. I thought they called a good game. They let the players decide the outcome. That’s usually all I want out of them.


Any Big 12 officiating crew is better than all of the SEC officiating crews

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We were not playing Auburn…

I remarked to friends how overall the game was GM far better officiated than any SEC game we played this year. A few bobbles (and unlike many of y’all and the announcers, I didn’t mind the long review, I would rather they get the call right than watch a few seconds and call it wrong—like the SEC refs).

Funny, we were tired of being hosed by the SWC refs (Horton. Nestra.), excited about the SEC because we thought we’d get a fairer shake, and now we’re congratulating a Big 12 officiating crew.

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Texas ruled the officiating when we were in the SWC. No telling how many losses we were saddled with from them.

Malvern, we’re you aware that the SWC officials flew into Fayetteville on the same plane with the Longhorns? If you weren’t alive for the SWC, then you cannot appreciate the perpetual screw jobs. Holtz and Sutton each approached broyles about the need to leave the conference, based on officiating. That’s when broyles tried to leave the first time, with the goal of forming a new conference. I know he wanted us to join BlowU, Okie Lite and some others, I’m sure clay or someone can fill the details. But safe to say, it was brutal. The SMU PI call is the most famous bad call, but it was just perpetual back then


Yes, it was. In your face type.

Oh don’t worry, Uncle Malvie remembers.

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Seems like there are fewer penalties in bowl game. May not be true. Just seems like that to me.

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