I have watched many games in the last 65 years and complained bitterly on many occasions about bad officiating. With that said I think the one sided officiating contributed to our loss more than any game I have ever seen.Without the hands to the face call they do not get what proved to be the winning score.The only hands to the face I sa—and I just finished closely watching a replay was on one of our receivers early in the game when he was interfered with and the hand directly to his face gear drove his head directly backwards.There were multiple no calls on them and several very questionable calls against us.I was extremely proud of our hogs and heart sick they were not given equal treatment— and yes I have been to every Dallas game against AandM—rant over!!

I wondered about those hands in the face calls too. I also wondered where those calls were when the Aubrun thug was trying to poke Ty’s eye out. As jobbings go, this was not the worst one we ever had. Not even the worst jobbing while playing the Aggies. That probably would have been 2014.

My blood pressure just soared when I was reminded of 2014. Horrible…

I disagree on the hands to the face calls. The first one by Ramsey was blatant. He had his hand in the O-Lineman’s face for a good 3 seconds while pushing him back. On the second one, I had to watch it a couple of times, but I did see it, just not as blatant and he only held it for a second or two. But, it is what it is. I’m sure a flag could be thrown on every play. Bad timing to have it happen on 3rd and long when we stopped them on both downs. That’s what hurts with these two flags, more than whether they were legit or not.

My biggest complaint was with the no calls on the blatant holding that were in spots where they affected the play. The A&M linemen routinely had their hands outside of the shoulders pulling jerseys. On the second hands to the face, we did have hands to the face very quickly, but it was another case where we were fighting through a pretty obvious hold. As a matter of fact, that was what I originally though the call was for.

Of course, they would have only been driving to tie the game if we hadn’t left a hole a truck could drive through on the opening kickoff.

As “getting jobbed” goes, this game wasn’t in the top 50 that I have seen. Every game will have some calls that make you shake your head, but I didn’t judge this to be all that bad, in general.

With regard to the hands-in-the-face-calls, I’m not sure if it was the second or third one, but the one that upset me was where one of our linemen was engaging with an Aggie and as he got past the Aggie in question, he kind of did a “swim more” and straight-armed the guy. For just a moment, his hand was against the guy’s facemask, but did not appear to be pushing it up like you normally see on those calls. Again - more of a straight arm and not a “let me push this facemask through your nose” thing.

This goes on almost every play in the lines and is a no-call IMO. Really hurt us in that moment, and was not a call that should have been made.

The only call/no call where I said to myself, “WTF?!” was when on a deep ball the A$M corner was pushing our WR, never turned around and the ball hit him in the back and the Announcer said, “If the WR is going to push with his hands he will not get that call…good coverage.”

The DB never once looked for the ball and was literally pushing our WR away from catching the ball…