Officials tomorrow?

From what conference? If it’s their officials I can foresee some controversial and questionable calls.

I don’t agree with you on that statement. The SEC officials have put the screws to our hogs ever since we joined the SEC.
You may need to get your eyes checked.
You could pull TCU fans out of the stands and it would be better than some of the foolish calls I’ve seen SEC officials make aginst our hogs.
Have you ever heard the saying don’t let your opponent stay close enough for the officials to make a difference?

You didn’t answer the question. If someone knows please respond

My understanding is it will be Big 12

Thx. I feel less confident now

Any belief or opinion that any group of officials from any conference is going to give us a break has not been supported by the evidence for at least fifty years now

Longer than that

The officials are from the Big 12. The officials for the game last year were from the SEC.

To be precise, last year’s crew was our old friend Marc Curles & Co.

Why worry about the officials. Just play and win!