Official's Take - years Ago

Of course no official from AR could do a Razorback game, but Tx officials could do all of those TX teams including the Austin scum. There was an official from LR. I think a Coleman who had a TV show each week. I think it looked at the rest of the SWC. Anyway, I will never forget what he said about the whistle. He said the play on the field determines when a play is over, not the whistle. He was talking mostly about late hits, but it is true in all phases.

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Iā€™m sick of the SEC screw jobs but coloradohog reminds me once again of how the SWC treated us. Our only recourse is to build the program to a point they have no choice but to respect our Hogs.

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Totally agree

We will never be a legacy team in the SEC because we are not a Charter Member

I will refuse to chant SEC at any Bowl Games or March Madness anymore - We Chant Razorbacks or Arkansas

But we are in the best conference and - well they at least pay us better than the SWC did

Arkansas has just got to win and for the first time in a long time I think the Hogs can -

Coach Sam is the right man and AD HY did a great job getting him

My fear is this will be a total team collapse after that loss - historically that is a Arkansas trait

However this is new leadership and for these Razorbacks, Coach Sam, For AD Hunter and THE FANS - I hope Arkansas beats the snot out of Ole Miss and proves we got the right Coach and good riddance to Ole Miss coach - Whats his name? who used us ina bidding war to get the job at Ole Miss

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