Officials Accountability

Is there any? How does it work? Everybody has a boss. Our good friend Marc Curles has finally been demoted. He may not be a bad guy, but he is a bad Official. If I had my way, he would not be allowed to even hold the down marker, but I am just a little bias.

Calling games is a very difficult, impossible job in the heat and speed of the game. I have done it. Last night obvious holding went on and on as were several missed calls. Maybe you do film study with them and tell them to do better. I can even see the targeting call. It did not look like it to me. Again, sit down and talk about that one with film and do better. That could have changed the outcome of the game. It did for at least I more OT.

The phantom fumble is a whole nother thing. They had slow motion replay that plainly showed he had the ball until he hit the ground. Stevie Wonder can see that. Yet the call was allowed to stand. I don’t blame the official who made the call on the field. From where he was, I am sure it looked like a fumble, but official looking at the slow motion replay from an angle showing the ball in control all the way to the ground should have to answer for that. What is the recourse? The only way this is going to improve is if that sort of thing is not allowed to go on without consequences.

I and nearly all of you would be showed the door if we screwed up that badly!


The field officials should be instructed to not blow plays dead or make an on field ruling on plays that could result in a turnover, but instead call an official timeout and send the play to review.
Review officials must be held accountable by having their reviews graded after every game they sit as the review official.
When they grade out poorly then they should expect to be relieved of that position.
Their should never be a ruling stating that the on field call stands because that is such a cop out in 9 of 10 circumstances.
These possible game changing calls should be able to be 100% confirmed with the advanced technology at our disposal.
Once again, this is my opinion on plays that may result in turnovers and personal fouls.

The human component means live calls will occasionally be missed, but the failure to not overturn the fumble call is inexcusable. If you can’t fix the missed call, why even have the review system.


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