Officially worried, and concerned

And almost upset

About year four of this program.

Minnesota is from a power conference but hardly a power.

I love Mike. Cried when we brought him back. Believed all we were for decades riding on him.

Hurts me to say.

But this does not look like a serious program with serious goals or serious plan.

Hurts so much to say.

Ok maybe we played best shooting team in US while we had an off game.

I will continue to hope.

Positive posters please criticize but watching AR miss yet another NCAA tourney is hard to believe.

I’m in the same boat as you, I’m a huge CMA fan, glad he’s our coach, but some of the stuff he does are real head scratchers. The rotations he had never gave us a chance to even make a comeback.

First thing, I’m confused on why Barford, who was our only bright spot in the first half sat until the 8 min mark on the second half, when we’re down 20 most of the time. He picked up his 3rd foul, but I mean we’re down 20 you gotta take a risk, and trust your best players. Now he’s sitting Macon, who was our primary scorer in the second half down the stretch, he came out around the 8 min mark for Barford and never re-entered. Dustin Thomas also, who picked up his 4th foul early in the second half never re-entered. I mean it’s alright if someone fouls out, not like you get fined for it or something. You’re not going to win many games playing your reserves more than your starters.

And I’m sorry I’m going to go ahead and say it, Manny Watkins plays way too many minutes. Yes he’s a good hustle player, and yes he plays good defense, but he’s an absolute liability on offense. He’s a 6’3 guard who can’t shoot anything outside of a floater or a lay up, teams guard him like he’s a center. And I have nothing against Watkins, but I mean we have better talent this year, he should be a 10-15 minute a game guy max. I get the CMA likes him because he’s a hard worker, but talent wins games, there’s a ton of Kikko’s and Manny Watkin’s out there that are good locker room guys and good examples but your talented players are going to be the guys that win you games. It just boggles my mind that we got 2 top juco players and they are playing fairly well, and we sit them for extended periods of time when we’re down in a big road game, and we got Manny Watkins and Beard gobbling up all the minutes, when it’s obvious the other guys are better.

Completely agree.

How ball handling and shooting and D all can be so sub par is shocking in year four.

I have been with Mike believing through the .500 years but now it’s hard to keep believing why his missing ncaa tourneys is still ok.

Hoping for a big turnaround from this rough showing against a decent team

Yea, we need to have a good year. And it’s really gotta work with CMA, because if this is a really bad year, there’s going to be some pressing for a change. But, it’s a sticky situation cause he has roughly 3 outstanding classes already lined up for 2017, 2018, and 2019. You have to figure we’d lose at least half of the guys committed if we made a change, because they were recruited to fit CMA’s system, which I imagine if a change is made we’d be going with a coach with a completely different philosophy.

But, back to this game. It was just extremely disappointing. And I’m curious to hear the press conference about the rotations, because they made no sense to me. Barford was hot, and because he gets a 3rd foul he doesn’t re-enter the game until it’s too late. I just don’t get that. And CMA has even said himself before he’s gotta shorten his rotation sometimes. I mean we’re down that big we gotta play our top guys a lot of minutes, if they foul out they just foul out, but you gotta give them a chance. I’m looking at box score now, you got Manny Watkins playing 22 minutes and Dustin Thomas playing 13 minutes. You got Daryl Macon with 26 minutes and Barford with 25. In a game like this you gotta shorten that rotation and let your guys play, it’s hard to get production from 11-12 guys on the road. We had 69 bench minutes and they produced 12 points. That’s just a waste of minutes.

hear what you’re saying but the “system” ain’t working. good recruits + mike’s system doesn’t add up to much. unless you get a top 3 type class where they don’t really need a coach.

Well, the 2018 class is #1 right now. And they’ll probably add 1-2 more highly rated guys to that, I expect that class to be at least a top 5 class, just be shear numbers alone and that all the guys are 4 star+. I also suspect Reggie Perry will probably be moving up in the rankings as well and flirt with being a 5-star guy. Henderson is another guy that could possibly move u to being a higher rated 4-star.

seriously hope that pans out. we need it badly

Mike Anderson’s system has problems knowing what to do with big-scoring, low-defense guards.

We have seen MA deal with B.J. Young, Anthlon Bell, Dusty Hannahs and a little bit of Jimmy Whitt and C.J. Jones.

I don’t know why we keep ending up with scoring guards who can’t defend, but so it is.

Have not been many defense-first guards around Fayetteville lately. MA cannot figure out a way to weave these guys into the rotation without crippling the defense. Can’t really score much without them either.

For whatever reason, Arkansas’s defense does not create enough easy points. Never has since MA returned. The 2014-15 team won on offensive efficiency not defensive prowess. That might be the path to take today, too.

This is exactly what I expected, so I am not going to comment much until the end of the season. In fact, until the end of at least NEXT season. Then we will see. Hope my expectations are proven wrong.

I admit I’m worried. We should be better than this by now. I know it’s early & I know one game does not a season make. That’s much more true in basketball than football, but last night wasn’t a competitive loss. We got blown out by a decent but hardly great team. Mike was a very good coach at UAB & Mizzou, so I saw no reason he shouldn’t succeed here where we have better resources and better tradition. Unfortunately, the tradition is falling further & further into the past & doesn’t carry the same weight with recruits today as it did 15-20 years ago.

I’m not sure what we can do. I don’t know if there are better coaches out there. I suppose there are, but even if we start over, there’s no guarantee the replacement will be better than Mike. And now other SEC schools have upgraded their facilities to keep up with us. Even Auburn & Ole Miss have new arenas. I’m discouraged.

Too early for me to be officially “worried”.

One game does not a season make.

The temptation is to add a “but” here. Not going to do it. There are things about the makeup of this team that “feel” different from previous years. i am also old enough to remember what leaps Sutton’s teams would often make after christmas break practice. Not sure I have seen that yet with Mike’s teams. Then again, not sure that Mike has had the material to work with unti this year. Something tells me the finished product this season will be more pleasing than last night’s outcome.

I’m not concerned yet. It appeared to me that MA coached as though it was a throw-away game. Too many new guys right now.