Officially Official.... Bryan Harsin to Auburn

I never suggested any respect to be given Bielema, sometimes respect is for one’s self, as to show a little more class.

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Wonder if Harsin can adjust to a green turf. That blue BSU field would ruin anyone’s eyesight.

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Harsin is a homerun hire? Got to wonder how many people actually wanted the job?
Auburn is a tough gig living in the shadow of 'Bama. Does Harsin really know what he’s got himself into?

There was a time when I was advocating for Harsin. I think he’s a good coach but I do think he is in a tough position for a steep learning curve in the SEC with boosters that can’t stay out of the way. Auburn is also geographically located in the shadow(s) of Alabama and Georgia and they have to play both every year (as of now anyway). I think Arkansas is trending up and Auburn is trending down.

No offense to Harsin, but just have to wonder how many Auburn recruits went Bryan who?

As someone who has plenty of nicknames for himself as I do when I make a boneheaded mistake, I don’t take myself near as serious as you seem to yet I manage to respect myself just fine. Funny how that works.

I thank Harsin is a fine football coach. This one surprises me. Just does not seem like a fit for Auburn, but perhaps it is. I think his biggest problem will be dealing with his “supporters”, especially the big donors and of course his neighbors to the North and East. He will coach fine. Will Auburn let him?

Hope he got a big payday. He may need it. Can coaches use the locker room free money machine there?

Brutal , just brutal.

Reminds me of my high school football coach who decided to have us box in off season as a toughness drill. Needless to say it was pretty raw so he decided to have a contest to see who would be the champ of group --there were three weight classes. Anyway , one talker was always boosting how good he was . At the end , he was complaining that he should have been the winner and would have with more time. Coach said but you are the winner—you got up off the mat more times than anyone else, unfortunately that was not the measure. Coach had plenty of patience as long as it happened right now.

I don’t think Harsin is a bad coach, but I haven’t seen anything that makes me think he’s really special. He inherited a program that was in really good shape at Boise, his alma mater. He was at asu for only one year (after Freeze & Malzahn did extremely well there) so I don’t know what we can learn about him from that. He has no SEC ties, so I’d think recruiting will be more of a challenge to him. He’ll still be in the shadow of Saban & will have to recruit against him, UGA, FSU, UF, & all the other SEC schools. AU fans set the bar incredibly high for their coach to meet. I don’t think he’ll last. However, from his perspective, I bet he thinks he could live with being fired after 5 years and a multi-million dollar buyout.

Life changing money for sure!

It’s a big win for Harsin. He get’s to see if he can coach big boy football and has a nice golden parachute if he can’t.

Like most (if not all) coaching hires. Only time will tell if Auburn did good.

It’s official now. ASU-J is the cradle of Aubrun coaches.

That not only goes for coaches.

I have asked politely for the board’s members to move on from the middle school references.

I will say this about CBB. He has his strengths, his weaknesses, his character strengths and his character flaws.

Much like most of us.

I judge coaches by whether they win or lose football games.

But that’s how I judge men.

CBB was a godsend to me when my mom and brother were killed in the car accident in 2015.

Having lost his sister suddenly like I did mom and Jeff, he knew how to help me get through it and took a lot of his time to do so.

I will be forever grateful and I wish him well at his new stop.

That’s not to say I condone all that he has done.

Just that there is some good in him am that’s what I will remember as much as anything.


Agree. Also, what he did for Frank Ragnow and his family when his Dad died unexpectedly, was way above just being his coach. Lots of good in Beliema.

We also tend to forget, the Hogs were on a nice trajectory through his first 3 years. IMO, more than any other one, football or non football, problem he had was his poor record of hiring new assistant coaches. It seemed to be a bit of a head scratcher because he did a good job of hiring initially. Each replacement hire seemed to be considerably less qualified and less talented than the coach that left. That’s certainly a recipe for failure.

DD, I am glad he treated you well during a very tragic time. I mean that sincerely.

If you want to make a judgement on respect for me on this post, so be it. I own what I said good or bad. We didn’t all get to see that side of CBB just like many don’t get to see how you are all the time or how I am all the time. This is a small part of my life and the only people I really care how they think about me is my family first and then those in my professional circle. You want to call it middle school then that’s your opinion. Fair enough. I don’t see it that way.

Maybe it wasn’t really a head scratcher. There was a reason, or maybe reasons,
Coach Chaney and Coach Pittman didn’t want to stay.

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We really need to build on the good things and success that we have had this year. We still have much to do and these seniors can be key part of our future success if the stay and remain healthy.

Harsin has to know that he will eventually be fired at Auburn because Auburn is the place you go to make a lot of money, hope to catch lightning in a bottle and play for a National Championship occasionally, but in the end, it’s not Alabama and the boosters won’t admit it. Instead they keep firing coaches. I have never cared for Gus, especially after the way he played Arkansas and Auburn to get that big contract. Once he got it, he seemed to let up. I know his offenses became boring and predictable. He is probably glad they fired him.

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If the Boise State blue turf makes you gag, just wait until Harsin makes the Auburn turf blue and orange. Will be hard to distinguish the players from the field unless they smile. And the eagle may be totally discombobulated, he won’t be able to distinguish the blue sky and orange sun above from
the blue and orange on the field and may crash well before the football team does.

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He is and good coaches figure how to win where ever they are.