Official visitors for Ole Miss game

The game is Oct. 15 at 6pm on ESPN. Instead of posting different threads, figure it’s just best to put them in here:

LB Thomas Johnston- Spanish Fort (Ala.)
LSU DE commit Justin Thomas- Spanish Fort (Ala.)

I’m glad I took the time to scroll through here instead of just reading the treads, I would have missed a lot. Might want to make a thread about this RD just saying.

Saying what? Not understanding.

Make a thread to the posters to check the recruiting board discussion for updates. Rather than just looking at the threads for new updates. I jus use to check the new threads for updates, now I check that and the recruiting board discussion for updates. I’m still adjusting to this new forum and maybe more like me doing the same is all. Keep up the good work as usual. :smiley:

The UNREAD POSTS link is your friend. :smiley:

Yeah, been doing a lot of exploring on here today and I’ve learned a lot, thanks. What is the easiest way to filter ur private messages?

To the right of each message you can check marked. Not sure that’s what you’re asking.

Is the non-public one the one that went somewhere else this weekend? ghg

That was his plans.

So, at this time he is visiting next weekend now? Sorry. I am kind of thick sometimes! :lol:

I don’t expect him to visit any weekend. Sorry, I probably didn’t explain it well.

that all our visitors (a whopping THREE) are defensive players…that is GOOD!..we SURE don’t want offensive guys visiting when we play Ole Miss…Might not work out good for us!!!

I posted this elsewhere. I realize the O has some issues, but when’s the last time they scored 30 points and had over 400 yards total offense against Bama. Last time they scored 30 on them was 2003. Minus the sacks Arkansas would’ve had more than 100 rushing yards. I would have to think that’s a first in a long time vs. Bama.

Trust me, Bama pulled off the pedal… this game was never in doubt nor was the talent levels…

Trust you,…lol.

I’m sure Bama didn’t want to score again, and
it goes without saying that if we only scored
a little it wouldn’t change the outcome.
Sure, the coaches weren’t bothered by the four-
and should have been five touchdowns.
And those 4* and 5* back-ups didn’t try really
hard to stop our team from scoring.

They all wanted to score and they all wanted to stop us from scoring.
Please don’t tell me you really believe otherwise.

Ask Saban if he was happy with the defensive effort. He was angered by the last play of the game, which did not result in a score.

Great win! Pity more recruits weren’t there to see it. Richard why were there only 2 visitors, and both from the same school? For a homecoming weekend that seems Extremely light. If we’re going to be a player in the SEC I would think that we need deeper visitor lists. If we keep having wins like this I’m sure it won’t any problem getting visitors soon though.

Richard has explained this before. It’s very hard for kids to come in for a visit from any distance if they have a Friday night game. The two kids from Alabama played on Thursday night, thus they were free to travel on Friday.

There were about 50 or so unofficial visitors at the game. They wanted to focus on their time on Thomas and Justin this weekend.