Official visit list for Bama … bama-game/

Can you please list the names here? When I login to the site, I click on the link to see the visitors but it wants me to sign in again when I click the link. I always have trouble with this site doing this.


I see Melvin McBride isn.t on the list. Does this mean Arkansas feels good about the Juco OL?

Thinking he’ll come later.

You’re not a subscriber.

I doubt Melvin McBride has an offer from Arkansas at this time. I believe Arkansas does feel very good on signing one or two of the Juco O Lineman.

I do think Arkansas will sign a full 25 Initial Counters allow by the NCAA. I believe they now have 21 commitments at this time and I don’t think they will lose many from this group.

Care to share who you think the silent commits are?

Taurean Carter and Trey Knox.

He has an offer.

Sorry Richard,
Arkansas needs help in the worst way at offensive tackle in 2019. Melvin McBride, although a fine O-lineman, is an offensive guard. Any remaining OL Arkansas recruits in 2019 should be offensive tackles.