Official proclamation

Trying again.


LOL. It’s always annoyed me that Kansas pronounces the name of the Arkansas River “ar-Kan-sez” where it runs through that state. At least everyone else pronounces it correctly.

The Kansaw city on the banks of said river is also Ar-Kan-Sez City.

Yes, I spent one year in Witch-a-tall… no surprise they are best known for a serial killer.



Yeah BTK kind of wiped out all the good vibes they got from Planes, Trains and Automobiles. About 10 years ago my daughter’s club soccer team played Wichita’s top team in a torunament in Illinois. The parents of those girls were so nasty, that tournament officials had to stop the match and threaten to remove all spectators from the area.


I knew a dear man who was from Wichita. He and his wife were so kind to me. When I would go to Wichita for their dog shows, they would often let me stay with them. If the Shockers were in town, Gregg would take me to a baseball game. I really miss seeing him. I know that he would have been very pleased when my dog finished as a Dual Champion.

RIP, Gregg.


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