Official Pittman Staff Thread....who’s on his staff?

Let’s add comments about who’s on his staff.

It’s going to be interesting.

Were the rumors about Traylor and Lunney being asked to not put their houses on the market true? Did that come from Pittman via HY?

Other coaches seem very popular with existing players and recruits, but are they really good coaches? Does he try to retain some who have been linked to recommitted players saying they will reconsider if coach -------- is still there?

The players who never bought in and tanked did so to not only CCM but also the other existing coaches and fans.

Sounds like Lunney and Traylor are staying around.

Barry Odom as DC?

Eric Mateos (BYU OL coach, former Hog GA) as OL? Or Brad Davis who worked for Odom at Misery?

My big question is the coordinators. Jim Chaney seems to be a reasonable bet but he may not be it. If not Odom, who as the DC?

Rich Rod as OC, speaking of gigging the Rebnecks?

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OC Lashlee OR Briles
OL Mateos
WR ??
TE Lunney
RB Traylor
DC Shannon

OK. Correct me if I am wrong. Weren’t there stories about Shannon after he left that he didn’t like Fayetteville? Had a little unfurnished apartment? Was out of town at the first opportunity? Never had his heart in the U of A job? Did I dream all of that?

Matt Luke, Offensive Line Coach and running game coordinator…just to further spice up the OM game and maybe steal a few players from Kiffin!

I say Charlie strong dc.

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I hope we can break one off in them

Think Derek Dooley as an oc choice. Not sure if Chaney would leave Tennessee.

Not sure lashlee or Briles are options. Totally different offenses than Pittman has worked. With Briles the ol coach is always gonna be Randy Clements

Think you look at maybe Joel wickline at West Virginia or Brad Davis for ol

Tim beck is respected oc and available.

Depends on traylor and lunney to determine whether or not you see a couple of other choices.

Defense you have to think starts with Barry Odom and Chris ash. If shoop over at cowbell u is interested you talk to him too

Strong/Shannon for DC
Charlie Partridge DL (just wishful thinking)
Lunney and Traylor stay on staff

No clue on anything else but excited for these next few days. Glad to finally have our man in place!

Charlie’s AHC/DL for the Pitt Panthers (he’s the head coach FAU fired in 2016 before it hired Kiffin). Maybe he’d come back, maybe not.

Why not lance thompson. There was all this talk of pittman joining kiffin’s staff because of lance, but no talk of bringing him on with pitt being the head hog. Would do wonders recruiting.

Also, I’d rather have Strong or Odom as DC. Get as many guys with Arkansas/Texas ties on this staff as possible.

If Charlie Strong would take the DC job, you have to hire him. My goodness, he’d be a top 5 DC in the country. FL, with Charlie as the DC, won 2 National Championships, 2 SEC Championships, and 4 SEC East titles.

Defensive recruits would love to play for him.

Not to mention he’s been in Florida for so long and he has connections in TX while HC for the longhorns. Most importantly, he can get players ready to play a football game.

I prefer Caldwell over Partridge.

Briles someone say? I would expect if he’s not taking Kiffin’s job he will be at Ole Miss.

BMFP. OC play caller. Hide him in closet when recruits are on campus.