Official....Ole Miss is our Rival

I’m ok with LSU. I even told my daughter (HS Jr) it was fine if she wanted to go there. I need a new CFB team to root for. Tired of being a loser.

I’ve also told her “NFW you go to Ole Miss”.

I also said no to TAM.

We live in Houston. My oldest is at the UofA.


Agree. I have more team hate for Ole Miss than Texass!

I have long thought that Arkansas fans, as a whole, disliked Ole Miss more than any other team in the conference. I sense a lot more emotion on here when Arkansas plays Ole Miss - more happiness when the Hogs win, and more frustration when they lose. And that goes for all three of the big sports.

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They’ve been my main rival since Nutt went there. Maybe longer than that.

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Maybe we dodged a bullet there.

That is funny Marty. And much cleaner than what some of us would say about Ole _iss.

I needed a laugh this morning.

Kiffin may end up being the next great thing, but to me if there was ever a better match than Ole Miss and Lane Kiffin, I can’t recall it. Both all about image and looking important. One might say “all hat, no cattle”.
So I don’t appear two faced, I thought he would have been a good hire based on where we are now, not so much if we had not fallen off the face of the football relavence. He will likely have a good initial impact there as he would have in Fayetteville, but I wonder about his staying power and if he won’t become, in his mind, too big for Oxford.

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One thing is for sure…it will be a rocking time in Fayetteville when Lane brings the Black Bears to town next season (Nov 14th). I think, by then, we’ll fully be behind our new buy (Drink/Harsin?) and Lane will be in the villain’s role, much like when HDN came back with Ole Miss in 2008.

Makes for good college football drama.

Why would he be in the villain role?

Hopefully we will have some starch in our backbone when that day gets here.

The SEC West is too loaded and there is so much history with all the teams that it is difficult to ID a single rival. That is what makes it so very tough. There is no let down through the whole season. Trying to keep that edge week after week after week just wears on the team emotionally and through injuries.

Come on Gas, the guy dumped us for Ole Miss. He is the enemy, now.

He is the Reggie Mantle to our Archie.

Baumbastic, that is one of my favorites…I laugh every time I hear that one.

Con’t stand them… Kant stand 'em…