Official… Dowell is gone

To SC as offensive coordinator. Just announced on CBS Sports.

Folks in SC ain’t happy

Everyone wants the sexy hire. Dowell might not be sexy in their eyes but I bet they’re happy next season.

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Hate to lose him. Great young coach and recruiter.

Will be critical who replaces him.

Chris gragg???


D.J. Williams??


I just hope we don’t lose Hasz but pretty sure we will.


Richard, do you know if the rumor is true that Hasz will commit to a different school with Dowell gone?

He has indicated as such. Alabama has been to his home recently as has been reported

Way too early to say. Could he? Sure but I’m confident he and his brother Dylan will see who the new DC and TE coach will be.

There’s absolute no doubt the family thinks the world of Dowell. They love the guy.

They knew this could possibly happen so that’s why you saw Saban visit the house. I could see them waiting til Feb. to sign. That’s not coming from the Hasz family, that’s me.

And a lot of knuckleheads on boards like this will be sad when his trail of recruits decommit and end up elsewhere.

When it comes to what coaches are wanted and what coaches a program need, 90% of college football fans are morons.

Wouldn’t surprise me to see DL come back here as a Head Coach in a few years. In the interim, we’ll sure miss the recruits he would have brought in.



Not saying his leaving won’t hurt but let’s see how this plays out.

Any thoughts on potential replacements, Richard? Also, I appreciate all your work and responding to us crazy Razorback fans :crazy_face:. Especially during this crazy time!!

I’m sure it will hurt for a little while and then again it might be the best thing for our program in the long run only time will tell. Not saying anything bad about anyone as I’m to the point that I don’t give a rip who leaves players or coaches it a sign of the times. As a fan can sit around and be woe is me or say this is going to be new and exciting, if we hadn’t made changes in the past we would still be riding around in a covered wagon. Get the best players & coaches you can and make the best of what you have. WPS

I like the saying never get too high or too low.


Not really. Been too tied up with recruiting.

I agree! I believe Hasz is gone. This will hurt us

I think it’s a great plan to use SC to get OC experience even if just one year before replacing Briles. It’s a great plan for Arkansas future. Go hogs.

Wont happen (replacing Briles) if he signs a no-compete clause for lateral moves in the SEC.

I really doubt those are in assistant contracts.

You bet, one of my favorites and don’t make big time decisions while your emotions are out of control . WPS