Official Auburn Announcement ?

I started espousing this theory last Sunday after I had an emotional overreaction to the Auburn win Saturday. It is never good to reach a conclusion based on emotion. It’s certainly never good to post on here when emotional. :lol:

But on reflection Sunday with a dear friend who was adamant the Gus-deal was not over, after it was explained, I realized what was most likely going to happen this week.

Bottom line –

If we do not have an official announcement from Auburn and Malzahn that his big raise is official and signed BEFORE the game today, then I think he is coming to Arkansas.

When I put this out there Sunday, I expected Malzahn staying at Auburn to be official at some point during the week – that Auburn was paying Malzahn some crazy money and he was staying – still waiting, and it’s mighty close to kickoff.

The theory goes like this – Gus is at his highest negotiating power right now BEFORE the game, not just before a loss but also before all the other Power 5 schools hire the replacement coaches. Arkansas is not waiting past today/tonight to hire a coach. All this talk and worry about waiting til after the CFP is misplaced, it’s just — well it’s not the way these things work. I don’t know how it plays out if Auburn wins and is heading to the CFP, but it will not affect the timing of Arkansas hiring a coach – it’s happening within the next day or two and it might be Gus whether Auburn wins or not.

No inside information, but as said, this theory offered to me by a very learned business person on Sunday. Talking about people who regularly negotiate big business deals, and that’s all this is – big business. And this has all played out just as she said.

I’ve found it fascinating that the rumor-news have been reporting all this playing out per the theory.

We’ll see here soon…

I think you are correct about him having the best leverage before this game with Auburn, but he is in a win-win situation as it pertains to his future. He is going to be get paid by a program that wants him badly after the game, regardless of the outcome.

I hope Auburn is the one overpaying for him.

Either of the top two will be great if we can add a worthy million dollar
defensive coordinator.

I think if Georgia wins, we are in a Win Win situation. If Gus takes our offer, we win. If he doesn’t, we still win because all those Gus Lovers in NWA will maybe stop bashing UofA for not hiring him and maybe start supporting the Razorbacks again.

Clock running out on official AU announcement before the game.

No announcement before game, I think Gus is coming

As I have said many times, IMO, he is not coming to Ark and never intended to…

Guess, we’ll know for sure in a few hours.

Shocked no official announcement of a deal between Malzahn and Auburn before this game started.

If my theory was correct, in a few hours Malzahn will be the next Arkansas coach.

I doubt GM is coming, so I sure hope you’re right about his NWA fans. I’m more confidant Gus will come here than I am that is fans will abandon him, though.

Looks like the theory was wrong.

Still think it’s odd we have not official Auburn announcement and the “I want to be” instead of an unequivocal “I absolutely will be”

Clearly we have been used — yet again by yet some other pie-in-sky coach – to get himself a big, big raise. That’s the story of our coaching searches.