Official and Updated: Hall and Jones are transferring

Tory Miller? And hopefully a grad transfer sure thing point guard, which a great point guard you can do so many things. If garland gets cleared I think he can at least give us what hall gave us last season and possibly more

Yea I was thinking and somewhat hoping Gabe and Jones

Well if you don’t believe in the coaching staff, who is your leadership, then you should leave

With Hall this is about playing guard and not playing the 3. He sees himself as a SG and that is a pipe dream.

I said the same thing and some tried to blast me for it but it’s true if he thought he was a one and done and that was his motivation then he was never for the team and really was a problem only going to get worse. A team has to be on one accord Gafford had it right “Arkansas is where it’s at”

I like Miller and he frees up a scholarship for 19 with only 1 to play.

If possible we need a sweet shooting SF/wing with the other. We have enough guards coming in with this class.

I don’t think Tory will be an option.

A Enough guards but none of whom are a sure thing at the one… our league is full of elite point guards at Auburn, LSU, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Florida… Long story short we need an elite point guard not just a point guard. Look at the deference they make in the game

I’ve seen several references “wishing it was Gabe”…well not me! The guy wanted to be here in the worst way. He waited on the end of the bench behind two seniors and a sophomore without complaining as far as we know. Given the opportunity he performed well. He rebounded. He took charges. He did the dirty work. We were a better team with him on the floor.

Embery is very good and I’m not sure there are any “elite” PGs transferring. We have no one in the 6’5 to 6’7 Wing/SF range except Jordan Phillips.

Why is that RD because him and Gifford together would be a man of a Front Court don’t you think?

You lost me at the last part when you said we where a better team with him on the floor smh brother I don’t know what games you were watching, he has potential, but it stops there he was a gamble on the court, we were weak at the four and Gave wasn’t better than anyone ahead of him not even cool though he has more potential than cook. More than likely Gabe will be last off the bench again this season

I was saying a point guard with the idea that Garland returns to give us another 6’5 type but if not then yea I would say a juco or grad 6’6 and up

Gabe played really well and CMA even admitted he “fixed a lot of things” when he was on the floor. We at times did indeed look better when he was on the floor, he was arguably the best defender of all the 4’s, he was just the youngest and least experienced among them, that’s why he didn’t get as much time.

Out of Thomas, Cook, Bailey, and Gabe…I’ll take Gabe and what he brings to the table. Love his defense and rebounding. We didn’t need that spot to be a big scoring spot this year but we desperately needed it to rebound and defend, without hurting us on the offensive end. Next year we may need a 4 that can score a bit more given today’s defections. I expected Hall and Jones to be big scorers for 18-19.

Out of that group I did and still do like bailey best

So do the basketball coaches place exclusions on where transfers can go like in football? I would think with all the talk of possibly adding Memphis to the schedule in the future would warrant blocking transfer so that we don’t face either guy in the future.

And yes, there are a little bit of sour grapes in there

If Hall ends up at Memphis we should file tampering charges. I would restrict him from going there. Make him go someplace obscure. Sorry that sounds harsh, but kid originally signed w us, played a ton, now bolts leaving us in a lurch once again. I not sure the staff was prepared for this at all, we shall see but I’m not hopeful of anyone that can make a difference.

Both players were granted a full release with no restrictions.

I hope we don’t add another transfer that has to sit out a year unless it’s a can’t miss 5 star transfer because we need all the soldiers we can get to be available next season. Quality roster depth hurt us this last season