Official and Updated: Hall and Jones are transferring

From Mike Anderson:

“Darious and C.J. have decided to transfer from our program. I appreciate them coming to the University of Arkansas and wish them the best moving forward.” … as-basket/

That’s disappointing in many ways, but it does open some possibilities.

Dang. Y’all was going to be a big part of this team.

I can see Jones, but I think Darious is making a big mistake. Wish him well.

Yes they both were going to be key players for us–but if they don’t want to be Hogs they both can kick rocks.

Oh my goodness. No good way to spin losing Hall. I think this is more of a Nick Babb type loss than a Jimmy Whitt loss. Really don’t understand his thinking. Would be great if we could land the Evansville grad transfer shooter. Would also be great if Garland is able to play next year. Probably a long shot, but that would take the sting out of losing Darius. At the least, I hope we can land a serviceable big.

I have been told Darious leaving has to do with Penny Hardaway at Memphis as well as him believing Arkansas will not be able to develop him the way he wants.

When Penny was named coach, Darious was gone. He only came to arkansas because Tubby was the coach. Its all part of it. Memphis hired Hardaway to keep the memphis players in Memphis. We shall see. CJ might just want to play where he is a starter.

Good riddance. If they don’t want to be here then we should agonize about them transferring. Never thought cj helped much. Hall a loss but if he thought he was one and done he’s not a team first player. Now the development part is interesting. Let’s go get some new guys to fill their space.

SMH, I knew Penny getting hired was going to cause problems. I have no doubt he helped plot to get Tubby removed.

But, if Darious can be swayed so easy, I say good luck. Let’s get some grad transfers/jucos in here that want to be Hogs.

Yea, I liked CJ, but that’s not a huge loss, he’s probably UAB bound where his dad played. That C-USA level will fit him better. Hall is without a doubt a hit, was probably going to be our 2nd best player next year. With that said that opens opportunities for other players, like Jordan Phillips, who has a really high upside. I know it’s cliche, but could be a blessing in disguise.

This could be a good thing. The possibilities.

“It’s something that I prayed about for a long time and just feel like it’s better for me to move on to a different situation,” Hall told WholeHogSports when reached by phone Wednesday. "It’s not about playing time; it’s just something I feel I need to do.

“I’ve got nothing but love for Arkansas.”

Hall was the No. 4 prospect in Arkansas in the 2017 recruiting class, leading Little Rock Mills to a 31-2 record and class 5A state championship as a senior. On the AAU circuit, Hall was a member of Memphis-based Team Magic Elite. He also played in the Nike EYBL Peach Jam event for Penny Hardaway’s Team Penny.

Hardaway was named head coach at Memphis on March 20, leading to speculation that Hall might transfer there.

“I really don’t have any idea where I might end up,” Hall said. “That process is what will happen now.”

With just a normal offseason those two would’ve been Day 1 starters imo…seems to me they’re getting really poor guidance from somewhere.

Not sure about CJ, he was trending downwards and his minutes were becoming less and less. His transfer actually makes sense considering we’re adding 2 guards at his position that are 4-star players. But, Darious without a doubt would have been a starter at the 3 spot, and probably averaged close to the most minutes on the team. I can honestly say this is probably the most shocking transfer I’ve seen from the Hogs. I wouldn’t have predicted him leaving in a million years.

Hall is going to be a very fine player in two years, maybe ready to get some serious consideration from the NBA. But I think if he had played those two years here instead of sitting one, he would be better off after a junior year with 105+ games played than the 70+ he will have now. I am not convinced he will get to the Association any quicker by taking this path. I’m actually more disappointed that he is transferring than when Babb left.

CJ might benefit from a redshirt year where he really works on his game, and perhaps by going to an easier place to get big minutes. He has probably seen enough of what we have coming in had the feedback from the staff on where he’s at with our program to make this a good decision.

I’m not mad at either guy, basketball transfers are a fact of life, especially with so many guys convinced that the only thing they need to get to the NBA is enough touches. Or if Hall just wants to play for Penney, I get it.

One thing for sure…we should get a look from every grad transfer guard/shooter out there. Five seniors gone and now these two opens up lots of minutes and Gafford’s return opens up outside shots.

This is not good about Hall. He was my favorite behind Gafford. CJ is a logical tranfer. This is a chance to bring in JUCO or Grad Transfers to adjust the graduating classes.

I was critical about Hall’s play early in the season, but his energy and defense certainly redeemed his early stumbles. I still thought he played out of control a lot, but at least he was playing fast when he did make mistakes. If he goes anywhere other than Memphis, then we will really have something to ponder…

But, as others have said, when one door closes, another opens. I wonder how many 2018 grads are out there who haven’t yet put ink to paper, even if they have committed somewhere else. A bit late for the 2018 high school players I would think.

The Hogs might be able to attract some good grad transfers that know Gafford will be on the court.