Offer intrigues speedy WR … um=twitter

Another WR…great.

Not only that, another one with ZERO SEC offers.

We can’t get a LB or a RB that is SEC caliber to talk to us. But we got 30 WR’s on the roster.


FWIW, he’s being recruited as a RB-Ath. Just found out this morning.

Richard in your story you have Chris Carpenter listed six feet, 165lbs. Surely someone must be pulling your leg. The kid doesn’t have the size to play RB. Carpenter is being recruited to play CB or WR with his size.

IMO there isn’t a lot of quality DBs in the South this year. GA, FL and LSU are all recruiting the state of TX this year for DBs. So this is one of the reason Arkansas is recruiting WRs as DBs.

Chase Hayden was 170-175. He’s about 205 now. The kid is a junior in HS.