Offensive scheme....

First off let me say right off the bat that I respect the hell out of Coach Enos and I love his offense. However, in light of our OL struggles perhaps we need to modify our approach. Last year we really excelled in the last 2/3 of the season with our play-action game mixed in with an terrific HB. I was amazed last year when we would dial up these slow developing plays and BA would still have time to scan the field.

This year these plays are getting blown up. I would like to do what the Patriots do with Tom Brady. Over the years their OL has been average at times (WRs too) and they emphasize short quick passes. We have a terrific QB, WRs and a creative OC.

Time to think outside the box. We are not going to line up with 2 TEs, or a FB, and run over Florida and LSU. Not going to happen, not this year. Those teams defense is as good as Auburn. We simply (and surely our coaches know this) don’t have the horses up front to play like we did last year, but we do have weapons. Let’s put them in the best position to succeed.

I was screaming for Enos to call plays that called for AA to get rid of the ball quickly. AA will,hold the ball til the end. He needs to learn ri throw it away.

True. A lot of times we are way behind the sticks due to 1st or 2nd down runs/PA passes getting blown up so we are calling longer passes.

Would like to see more quick screens and slants. Hatcher, Morgan and Cornelius are so good after the catch. Put Austin in the SG more and let er’ rip.

Agree completely. Question is the stubbornness of our coach. We gonna keep trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Too many wasted first downs, running obvious plays.

Agreed. How 'bout just put Allen in the shotgun most of the time and let him sling it? Put the best pass protectors on the line, whoever they are. Amongst our best 11 on O are a gaggle of WRs. Our offensive talent this year was probably more suited for the spread. Granted, coaches rarely change their base scheme to an unfamiliar one to optimize a season in sacrifice of the future.

question is, do our coaches know any other way? I believe CDE needs to be allowed FULL CONTROL of the offense. CBB’s system works when you have a STRONG OL and good RB’s…otherwise, not so much…

Good post. I have argued this point many time on the old basketball board. I understand implementing a system. Every coach has one. But it’s also a coaches job to fit talent on hand to try to win games now. Finally Anderson might have the talent to run his system. But 4 out of 5 years we spun our wheels. Football is harder to turn around than basketball. What we are all realizing is that to run coach b’s system we need the same type of players all the big boys go after. I’ll hand it to saban. He adjusted on both sides of the ball. We haven’t. Look at the top ten. Every one or close to it run shotgun, the read option, and have mobile qbs to some extent. Not us. We run slow developing running and passing plays for the most part and the perfect storm has occurred w our offensive line. I don’t see us changing squat.

We will be very, VERY fortunate if we are able to keep Coach Enos after this year. He’s done a great job and will probably be in line for a HC position.