Offensive production

From a story on WHS:

“Analyst Phil Steele has calculated that Arkansas lost 64 percent of its offensive yardage production from last year, which is the second-highest total in the SEC behind Alabama’s 67.5 percent. The Hogs’ percentage of yards returning ranks No. 117 in the nation.”

How much credit should the QB get for offensive production?

Steele’s method double-counts passing yardage. No joke. He counts as offensive production both the QB’s passing yards and the yards credited to the receivers. It’s nothing more than a kludge, a crude method that has the virtue of being easy to put together.

To give you useful detail - Arkansas lost the players who produced

65% of its rushes, 68% of its rushing yardage
99% of its passes and passing yardage credited to QBs
20% of its receptions and 27% of yardage credited to pass receivers

and how much does that matter?

The really important questions:

Will Arkansas improve its depth and overall effectiveness at running back? I see good players there. How soon they produce is the question. I recall losing a game in 2005 with McFadden and Jones sitting behind less talented veterans. Then going to Georgia and almost winning with McFadden and Jones playing a lot. Are we in a similar position now?

Will Austin Allen be effective in Dan Enos’s offense? Gosh, this is a fine collection of receivers. And Allen has had plenty of preparation. I like our chances there.

People around the SEC (beat writers) generally have decided that Arkansas’s offense is not going to be very good this season. The Alabama people in particular assume the Hogs cannot score enough points and will wilt in the second half against the Tide.

I like this offense better than I liked the one we had last September. Gotta nail down a lot of things before September, though.

I think it will probably take AA a game or two to settle in as the starter. And I say that realizing that game 2 is at Fort Worth. But I also think the defense will be better from day one. Is that going to be enough to win at TCU? We’ll see. But, as usual, I wouldn’t want to play us in November. Now if we can just get the Alabama game in November some year…

From a story on WHS:

I like this offense better than I liked the one we had last September…
[/quote]Yes, and no. With JWill, with Hatcher and Cornelius, and with a healthy R Williams, and a very seasoned BA, Henry, Kirkland, Sebastian, and Smothers, that was a good offense.

I think the OP is saying that the offense may have more skill players and speed this year; at least as the season starts. I, too, like how this offense seems to be coming together…and it’s choked full of potential.


That was the problem. We never had JWill in September. Not a snap. Hatcher went down, Cornelius went down, RWIII went down as the season wore on. But look at what that offense became.

One of the big keys is how Austin Allen learned the Dan Enos system and will he be better at it than his brother since he’s had two years of it. Dan Enos likes Austin a lot. He also thinks the receivers are so much further ahead now than they were at this time last year. He said the routes are so much better. The mesh so much better.

I listened to Dave Wannstedt talk yesterday about the ability to bring along a young offensive line and the best way to do it is in this kind of system where the running game is stressed and the passing comes off play action. He said it’s so much easier than a pro passing scheme. He thinks they will be good in the offensive line. I know he talks to the coaches on this staff, so I suspect some of that is coming from them.

Will be interesting to see who ends up starting on the Oline.

If AA can pull it off we will be great. If not, we can still be good running the ball and playing defense ---- our defensive line is an SEC defensive line again and will be enjoyable to watch. Keep people below 28 — that’s this years team. Forget about last year.