Offensive preference from Sam

He just hit every note I wanted to hear, almost exactly.

That’s about all I needed to hear, feeling good about that !


Not excited by the name Mike Irwin threw out as a likely OC candidate though, Jay Johnson from Colorado.

Well our assistant budget is a not good, not what we expected, so he may be who we get, he’s only making a little under 600k.

If we are to believe we offered a better deal than Ole Piss and Kiffin just got burned trying to squeeze more then we have to assume we were in the 10M total package range.

That would be 3M coach, 5M assistants and 2M support staff… so all in all 7M is not too shabby. I bet they can be very creative in how and where that gets divided up.

where did you see our assistant coach budget? I saw Sam’s contract, but nothing on the assistants.

Hunter mentioned it. He said 5million

I think the 10 million total was listed in the one the stories today. 3 million for Coach Pitman and 7 million for the staff.
Coach Pitman wanted to be our head coach. That’s the key for me. We have a man as a head coach that was a hog fan as a kid!

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Johnson has a great resume. Lots of great experience and he helped Georgia implement their shotgun schemes.

His offenses have been middle of the road to terrible at southern miss, Louisiana, Minnesota, and Colorado.