Offensive philosophy....what do you want?

What style do you want? What Ole Miss, Miss State, TAM, UK, and Alabama run, or our pro-style approach?

I’ve enjoyed watching both Allens throw the ball over the last 5 years…but I miss the days of Matt Jones. I like an exciting dual threat approach. Run the pro style, but with dual threat. We don’t have that, not now or with any of the Allens. The future with Steamboat doesn’t do it either.

What I want to see is an offense that has a dual threat QB, who can also handoff to the Chase Hayden’s or Whaley’s of the world. Passing to TE’s and deep throws to wideouts. I want an offense that the QB can bust it up the middle for a 60 yard TD, just like happens to us 3-6 times a year.

So what style do you want? (This is not a coaching stay or leave thread)

It looks pretty much like Cole Kelley will be our QB for 2-3 more years, so I’d say we tailor the offense to suit him. And learn to block for whatever scheme we run.

Dual threat qb, with a strong read option game.

Anything but slow and robotic which is what we are now.

Watch Memphis play and you’ll see.

Agree with Jackson