Offensive Linemen

Richard, with our way too evident need of offensive linemen, who do the hogs have on their radar for next year? Are they pursuing any juco linemen?

It’s a shame with the amount of money spent on our Razorback Football program, this is the product that Arkansas fans receive in return. I’m not saying we should be the top team in the conference year after year, but once every four or five years shouldn’t be too much to expect.

This years O-Line is just that, “Offensive”.

Time for the Frodholt project to be suspended. You can’t tell me that Merrick, Jackson or Rodgers whom have all been in the offensiv line system for a couple of years couldn’t do a better job.
Frodholt, continues to miss picking up defenders each week and putting our offense behind the chains and off schedule, time for a change.

Let’s fix things, Go Hogs!

You have the three commitments. They’re still in it with JC OL D’Marcus Hayes of Miss. Gulf Coast. OT Chuck Filiaga would be a long shot right now. They must get him on campus first to have any chance.

They’re redshirting Jake Heinrich and Terrance Malone.

The line has struggled, but they’ve done so against two of the better fronts in college football in Bama and A&M. Not all of the problems can be blamed on the line. RBs and TEs have had their problems protecting too.

I’m not sure you could mention a single name on offense, who did not miss at least one block, that then ended with AA on his backside. It was just miserable watching the ineptness of our blocking. Alabama’s defensive line must have had a high time after the game reflecting on how they padded their stats at our expense. Boys and Men. Remember UNLV’s Larry Johnson telling Nolan Richardson he needed to go find him some men if he was going to compete with them? That’s what it looked like last night. Men and boys.

As bad as it might have seemed, Arkansas still produced 30 points, 473 yards of total offense and ran the ball better against Bama in long time. They finished with 73 yards, but minus the sacks they would’ve had 131 yards. I can;t recall the last time the Hogs had more than 100 yards rushing vs. Bama.

Last year Arkansas had 44 yards rushing and 220 yards of total offense.

They may have produced 30 points but any one of those sacks or hits to AA could have finished his season and in essence the hogs season. His is durable but for how long?
And I have to believe that many of those 130 rushing yards you are speaking of came against Bama’s second defense at the end of the game. I love our receivers and AA and how they put the points up but they are high risk points . When will it crash on us?