Offensive line?

who do we have coming back on offensive line for next year. i know we will get Gatlin back from injury hopefully.

we have the juco left tackle and i believe our right tackle is back. what about the rest? any future standouts that redshirted?

Lose Austin Capps and Colton Jackson. So four of five starters in last half of season return. Beau Limmer and Brady Latham played some late and are good prospects. I think Ricky Stromberg is a good player and will get bigger. Luke Jones redshirted after transferring from Notre Dame. He will compete for a spot. Overall, they need more size and I would expect to see bigger linemen going forward.

at least it sounds like we won’t be void at offensive line positions next year. i would hope whoever is strength and conditioning coach can put a little weight on these guys. not as bleak as i thought.

Noah Gatlin will be a RS Sophomore next year and should earn plenty of playing time.

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I expect the off-season training will be different this year with coach Pittman at the helm. I think we have some potential up front. Clay mentioned limmer and Latham both are excellent prospects just waiting for their time to get out there and show it…I wouldn’t be surprised if coach Pittman brings in somebody who can help us right away before it’s all said and done. These guys have played together so they’re starting to get some camaraderie it just depends on what kind of offense we go with.

I expect see a different style being taught I think you will see more of a drive blocking technique which will create better pad level and better movement. I expect us to be much better up front next year


Those OL will be at least 10 lbs or more this spring and 25 more by fall camp. It will be a big difference I believe.

Reckon Sam has told those boys to start enjoying the holidays and fill those plates up yet?

This is where it all must start. the Oline has been total embarrassment for at least 4 yrs. That gets you 4 - 20.

Lack of size + Lack of quality coaching + Lack of experience = Lack of wins. The return of CSP hopefully will reverse all of these trends, which in turn will raise the performance of the Qb & running backs. At one point Pittmans O-line allowed only 8 sacks in a season and was number one in the Sec for 3 years running in sacks allowed. There’s more work to do other than just the O-line and that’s where CSP has to hire the coaches capable of reversing the poor play in those areas and if he can success should follow. WPS

The one position we all know Coach Pittman can impact and he has his work cut out for him but he can get it done.

I’m wishing him the best, but we know being a first year HC in the Sec west at Arkansas may very well be the toughest job in college football. On the other hand any improvement will be considered a accomplishment at this time, but you got to keep feeding the Hog to keep him content. WPS


I don’t see a good line next year, but I do see one that will be better than this year’s just based on fundamentals and better coaching.

Can anybody tell me why Shane Clenin got limited playing time this year and is not mentioned here as someone with potential? He has good size and when he was recruited I saw he ran a 5.0 forty, so should have been a good athlete. I think some people thought he would be a starter in 2019. Has he just not worked out or is he in need of more development or is something else going on? Does anyone know?

I think we will see improvement just the fact better coaching and confidence in the coaching along with full contact will definitely help. Coach said the days of playing soft are over, even the non con games both of our lines was man handled most of the time. WPS

Drive blocking…yes! And pin and pull. Less zone blocking.

Yes I think you will see us come off the ball better than we have for sure.

I’d also bet snaps are faster too…

“I wouldn’t be surprised if coach Pittman brings in somebody who can help us right away before it’s all said and done.” (Earlier quote from Youdaman–I don’t know how to drag and paste.)
I would be surprised if he doesn’t bring in more than one such transfer!

Very well could! If we get curry and Henderson to commit, those two right there can come in and compete right away especially Henderson.

You won’t see most of the OL being under 300 like Morris wanted.

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