Offensive Line

I haven’t noticed a plethora of OL offers coming from the new camp. Is the new crew going position by position? It seems CM started with WR, then QB, and now RB. Is OL next?

It appears we have real question marks on the two tackles. Are any of the redshirts good enough to take over and own those spots? Will the new OL coach bring a better plan to utilize the talent on hand?

What will our starting OL look like next year? This was the line for the Misery game. I updated their classification to this upcoming year.

LT- Jackson- JR
LG- Froholdt- SR
C- Rogers- SR
RG- Gibson- SR
RT- Wallace- SR

The thing to watch on the line is who picks up the new offense quickest and who stands out in conditioning this off-season. Morris’ style is so different than what has been run here the past five seasons that it’s difficult to make evaluations or predictions at this point. The spring practice will provide a better gauge.

If Coach B was still here, I bet there would be two new starters out of that group anyway as that seemed to be his approach. CM will be working this whole team to see who is a player so I would expect many changes by time we line up for first game.

Clemson O-line size: … =211603893

I think most think of seeing 300 or less on the line but not true.