Offensive Line

Clay, who do you project as the starting 5 in the offensive line and where does Brian Wallace fit in the rotation?

Skipper Froholdt Ragnow Merrick Raulerson

I think Rogers would be a good starting RG but if Raulerson is the best RT then I think we are going to need some more mass on the right side.

Somehow 6-4, 301 is considered too small for an offensive tackle?

This is how things stand going into today’s practice:

LT - Dan Skipper
LG - Hjalte Froholdt
C - Frank Ragnow
RG - Zach Rogers or Paul Ramirez
RT - Jake Raulerson or Jalen Merrick

Brian Wallace is third at right guard and probably third at both tackle positions.

Jalen Merrick is making a push. But I suspect that Raulerson will start and both will play. Right now, I don’t know where Brian Wallace will play. He hasn’t seemed to be what was hoped at any position they’ve put him, guard or tackle. The light may come on, but it hasn’t yet. He’ll do well on some plays, not on others. He lacks consistency, but is still viewed as a massive talent.

LT Skipper
LG Froholdt
C Ragnow
RG Rogers (with Ramirez making push, Wallace working there, too)
RT Raulerson (with Merrick making a push)

This was how it looked today. Merrick’s stock appears to be rising while Wallace’s drops. Will be interesting to see how much they play him against La Tech and whether it’s at RG or RT. Rogers was the backup C today.