Offensive line

Has anyone really looked at our offensive line roster ? My gosh after looking at it I panicked. For one, we have horrible numbers there, really alarming if you take away walk ons. The 2 jucos we signed last year have contributed nothing at all. We lose skipper and possibly ragnow if he declares early. No wonder Pittman got the heck out of dodge. We have no room for error if an injury occurs. We’ve been lucky in that regard. And we’ve only got 3 commits there. Heck we could sign 10 and still be behind in numbers. I think we need to sign 5 every year for the next 3 to catch up. Not only do we have low numbers, apparently some talent misevaluations also. No wonder we can’t run or pass block. ALARMING and shocked for a coach that prides himself on a physical running philosophy

Yeah, I have. Looks like a lot of five year players on the list, with the exception of the JCs. Just hope that a few develop more quickly than that.

Both of the juco offensive tackles who are starting for Texas A&M redshirted before they ever played there. That is not a bad idea at all.

Shocking given how Bielema said he would build his program - " solid foundation, build from ground up, etc, etc."

And disappointing

I would like to see Merrick playing at least some, instead of Raulerson.