Offensive Line Unit

One of the things I noted from the press conference or briefing today was that the Oline is said to be very close and together. That alone will not make up for the lack of SEC talent but like no other group, the Oline MUST operate as a unit, and together. That is critical!. The past couple of seasons they have been in total flux and the results are well known, very bad. At least, if they are playing as one, there should be at least a little improvement.

Withoiut naming names although it is not hard to figure out, Coach Fry acknowledged what most thought about last season - not everybody on the line was necessarily buying in and doing the team first thing last season.

yr 2 in the system will help a lot as far ar knowing what to do,I am glad we have #s but would love to see more quality than quanity.will wait and see them in action and see if they have improved but gut instinct is if that is our starting 5 I am not expecting a lot of improvement from last yr,but I will say this you usually see a good bit of improvement from yr 1 to yr 2 b/c of strength an familiairity with the system so we will see…I sure hope so and I know our QB’s do.


What do you think of Dudley reporting we will likely only add 2 -3 OL in this next class?

well we have about 16 OL now i think so maybe only room for 2-3 and we have a very good in Crawford coing in so 2 more great ones like him hopefully

Video of Dustin Fry from this afternoon. I thought it was a pretty insightful five-plus minutes.


Clary at 285 lbs having to play C in this league especially when he’s not known for strength and aggressivness is hard to do,I’m not sure I have seen a C that light,could be wrong but he’s going to have block some big dudes and hard to beleive he can do it at that weight that’s why I hope Limmer is given true opportunity he’s 294 and benches almost 400 lbs and that is what you need in this league,pretty sure that is who Fry is speaking of when he’s expecting a Fr to have a good camp