Offensive line question?

After this year excluding new recruits how many scholarship offensive linemen will we have on the roster? What seniors will we lose? Are we recruiting enough in this class and with the guys on campus could we see an improvement next year? If they can’t play in this group what makes us think they will be able to play in the future.

I can’t speak to the recruiting, but Arkansas will have at least eight scholarship offensive linemen back next season, assuming none transfer or give up football. Those are Kirby Adcock, Ty Clary, Shane Clenin, Noah Gatlin, Colton Jackson, Silas Robinson, Dalton Wagner and Ryan Winkel.

Austin Capps is on scholarship, but came as a defensive lineman. I’m not sure if Dylan Hays is on scholarship. He came as a walk-on.

Brian Wallace, Johnny Gibson and Hjalte Froholdt are seniors. Deion Malone is a senior but potentially could earn a sixth year of eligibility.

Hays is on ship.

They have commitments from HS OL Beaux Limmer, Joseph Stone and Brady Latham. I expect them add two JCs or one JC and another HS OL.

Dylan Hays sign a NLI with Arkansas Razorbacks on Feb 3 2016. Hays has never been a walk-on. … igns-hogs/

Hays signed as a grayshirt. He began as a walk-on. … ches-2016/

Hays redshirted in 2016, so he was a full time student-athletic.

The author of the article is confused. A grayshirt either sit out the first semester or be a part time student-athletic the first semester. A walk-on can’t sign a NLI.

This link is to the NLI web page FAQ … heNli.html#

That was obviously just a ceremony type deal. Layne Hatcher did the same with ASU. That’s why he could go to Bama.

Here is what happen. CBB in January 2016, made an offer to Dylan Hays if he would come to the UA he would be given the first scholarship available in 2017. CBB didn’t think he would have a scholarship available in 2016.

The Monday night before NLI day in 2016, CBB call Hays and change the offer to a scholarship in 2016. Hays signed a NLI on Feb. 3, 2016 and became a member of 2016 recruiting class.

My guess is the writer of the article wasn’t aware of the phone call changing the scholarship offer to 2016.

Here is a video of Hays signing. … ysClip.mp4