Offensive Line Problems

Arkansas is NOT going to be successful UNTIL we have an offensive line that can give the QB (not matter which one ) time to read and throw without running for his life…most of the time qb was having to scramble and hardly ever had time to look for a secondary receiver (while in pocket and not scrambling)…ps does seem that Starkel makes his read and release faster than Hicks JMHO

Theres some potential for the future. Undersized by quite a bit Stromberg played a pretty dang good game. When i rewatched, i was impressed with him, and its easy to see why hes jumped some older guys. I think Next year this OL could start to take form. Jackson is still just not an SEC tackle, he just never has been. Wagner has good and bad plays, but hes a work in progress. Clary, if he could learn to not snap the ball deathly slow, would be pretty solid. His snap speed is a serious issue, not sure why it hasn’t been fixed. I like Cunningham a lot, I’m ready for him to be at tackle, hes got a great build, and good athleticism. Next year could be a solid OL. Cunningham at LT, Luke Jones likely grabbing a guard spot, another season for Clary, Stromberg at guard and Noah Gatlin back healthy at RT. That’s something to look forward to.

agree with every word, jrjdent!


I had heard from an Oklahoma high school coach that Stromberg would play in a hurry. This guy is always right. He was again.

I really think Cunningham might should be at left tacklebecause I don’t think Jackson is really that healthy and it’s having trouble holding up.We might could give Limmer who I think is going to be very good a chance at Right guard. Wagner is not bad just a little slow footed and not real strong but he is the best we have right now. This is not a very big or powerful OL I was concerned when I saw all of them under 300 pounds and was wondering if they would be able to handle it physically and be able to give us time to throw, right now they’re just being physically pushed around. But they are getting better I will say that. I see them playing more aggressively an getting after people much more than last year. I think we will get a little better if we can just stay healthy.

Once again

I agree with most of your assessments on the O line… I was trying to make a point (probably did not explain good enough) that until we get a SEC functioning SEC O line it becomes very hard to pile on the coach or QB as to IF they are the right ones for the job…I do think we are finally headed in the right direction…hope patience prevails